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  • Price from

    $0.79 per tablet

  • Side Effects

    Sometimes headache, indigestion, and nausea

  • Dosage

    20 mg per day

    • Onset ~40 m.

    • Peak 2 hr.

    • Drop 36 hr.

Beginner’s Guide to Erectafil


Cialis is one of the most popular medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat impotence in men. In fact, it is one of the top 3. Although widely known to be both safe and effective, its price is a little on the high side. This is why most men are going for the much cheaper generic versions like Erectafil which cost up to 5X less. If you’re skeptical about the safety and effectiveness of Erectafil, this guide is for you. It sheds light on the key facts, including its benefits, mechanism of action, and where to get it at the best possible price. Read on.

Main Features and Popularity of Erectafil

One of the questions asked by most men looking to treat ED effectively without putting a hole in their pockets is, “What is Erectafil.” Well, it is an ED drug that’s fast gaining popularity among men. It contains tadalafil, the same active ingredient in Cialis, and provides the same level of safety and effectiveness but at a lower price. It also has the same mechanism of action and provides the same duration of effects (about 36 hours) and risk of side effects.

Contrary to popular belief, generic drugs work exactly as their brand-name counterparts; the FDA makes sure of this. The regulatory body ensures that generic drug manufacturers prove that their medications are exactly the same as the branded versions before approving them for use [1]. This is also the case with Erectafil.

What’s more, its popularity is based on the fact that it provides great value for money. It is effective, safe, and affordable. Thus, men struggling with ED can buy as much as they require without putting a hole in their pockets.

Although generally safe, the drug must be taken correctly to get the best out of it. It is only approved for use by males aged 18 and over. Consult a doctor before starting treatment with it.

Who Manufactured This Drug?

Combitic Global Caplet Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Erectafil. It is a reputable Indian pharmaceutical company known for producing a wide range of high-quality medications used to treat varying health conditions. Besides Erectafil, some of its product categories include antibiotics, Antiemetic, Analgesics, anti-inflammatory, antipyretics, Antimalarial, and gastrointestinal meds, among others. Established in 1981, the company has since grown capacity, producing approximately 2 million tabs/caps per day.

The quality of its medications is guaranteed as it carries out all productions in GMP-certified facilities. Currently, it exports its products to Russia, Nigeria, Mauritania, CIS countries, and other countries of the world.

Erectafil 20mg: Where to Get Online?

Online Pharmacy

Erectafil is available online and can be purchased with relative ease. However, it is advisable to be careful about where you buy from as there are many fake vendors. But what vendor can you trust?

Well, the best vendors are often those that have a ton of positive reviews on review platforms like Trustpilot and provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Here are two vendors you can bank on for high-quality ED meds all year round.


This is one of the best online drugstores for anyone looking to get high-quality Erectafil with no prescription. It also has a wide range of other medications up for sale at an affordable price. The quality of its products is guaranteed as it sources them directly from only the best pharmaceutical companies that operate in accordance with health regulatory standards.

It fulfills deliveries worldwide, except to Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries with really strict customs laws. Some of the countries it ships to include:

  • the United States;
  • Greece;
  • the United Kingdom;
  • New Zealand;
  • Australia;
  • Croatia;
  • Cyprus;
  • Finland;
  • Malta;
  • Sweden.

Note that this vendor ships to many more countries not listed here. You may visit the shipping section on its website to get a complete list of all the countries it ships to.

Shipping time on this platform is excellent, especially when compared to several other pharmacies. It employs Express Mail Service (EMS) and Registered Airmail as methods for fulfilling orders. With EMS, it fulfills orders from the UK, the US, the EU, Canada, and Australia within 7 to 12 business days. Orders from other countries typically get delivered within 14 to 30 days. On the other hand, Airmail shipments to the aforementioned countries and other parts of the world usually take within 10 to 18 business days and 14 to 30 days, respectively.;

ViaBestBuys provides profitable offers to reward its customers for shopping on its platform. Some of them include 20 free pills to those who leave an honest review after shopping, 10 extra soft pills for returning customers, and a special 25% discount for bitcoin purchases. This is not to mention that it provides free Airmail and EMS shipping for transactions worth $80 and $180, respectively.


This is yet another trustworthy pharmacy known to offer high-quality pills for sale at really affordable prices. It is a sister store to ViaBestBuys (VBB); thus, it has a similar modus operandi and provides similar discount deals.

Like ViaBestBuys (VBB), CialisBit equally fulfills orders with EMS and Airmail. It ships to the same countries VBB ships to and within the same timeframe. One of the interesting things about this vendor is that it provides a 100% money-back guarantee to buyers if their parcel gets damaged during shipping, goes missing, or gets seized by customs.

What’s more, transacting on the platform is very easy as it accepts multiple payment options, including American Express (AmEx), PayPal, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. CialisBit also offers a 25% discount to customers who choose Bitcoin as their preferred payment method. It is definitely a great place to shop Erectafil pills, as well as other generic ED drugs such as dapoxetine, Tadasoft, Levitra, and Super P Force, among others. Most people who’ve patronized it left it positive feedback, as you’ll find on Trustpilot and Yotpo.

What Is the Cost of Erectafil?

Pills Price

Erectafil’s price may vary, depending on where it is purchased. Also, factors such as the number of tablets selected and the discount deals offered by a vendor may influence its price as well.

On ViaBestBuys.com and CialisBit.com, a month’s supply (30 tabs) of Erectafil 20 mg costs $68.7 ($2.29 per tab). It may cost more or less in other pharmacies; however, it’s advisable to be cautious of prices that are too good to be true to avoid buying counterfeit pills.

Erectafil Tablets vs Cialis

Erectafil vs Cialis: What’s the difference? Well, besides the packaging, product name, and packaging, there isn’t much difference between these drugs. But, let’s take an in-depth look at more of the similarities and differences between both products.

Key features

Cialis and Erectafil have similar physical appearances. They’re both available as small, yellow, oval-shaped tablets. However, Erectafil has a crease along its center. On the other hand, Cialis tablets typically have information about the dosage of the pill inscribed on it. You’ll find the letter “C” followed by the drug strength, which is usually “2.5 (2½) mg, 5 mg, 10 mg or 20 mg.” Unlike some other Cialis generics, Erectafil isn’t available in doses such as 40 mg, 60 mg, 80 mg, among others. Its most popular dose remains 20 mg.


Cialis has a higher reputation, but this is expected as it has been around much longer than Erectafil has. Because most men are more familiar with it, they tend to gravitate towards it in most cases. However, Erectafil appears to be doing really well as more and more people continue to use it.


Erectafil costs about 5X less than Cialis, and no, it isn’t of inferior quality. While a single Cialis 20 mg pill costs about $70 even with pharmacy coupons, a single Erectafil 20 mg tablet costs within $2.99–$0.79 per tablet.


Cialis has much more reviews than Erectafil, but it has a lot to do with the fact that it has been available in the market for much longer. So far, Erectafil has several positive reviews from men who’ve used it, and the numbers are on the rise.

Working Aspect of Erectafil

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Erectafil has the same mechanism of action as brand-name Cialis. It works by relaxing the muscles lining the walls of the arteries that carry blood to the penis. By so doing, more blood flows into the penis to bring about an erection hard enough for penetrative sex.

Erectafil makes this possible by regulating the effects of two chemicals essential for erection — phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Here’s what happens.

When a man is sexually stimulated, the body releases cGMP, the chemical responsible for causing the arteries to relax and ultimately brings about an erection. After a while, the body starts releasing the second chemical (PDE5), which is tasked with breaking down cGMP to return the penis to its normal size (flaccidity) [2].

While this is the normal process of erection and flaccidity, the process takes place too fast in men with ED. PDE5 gets released quickly and prematurely degrades cGMP, killing the erection before it occurs or limiting hardness.

As it contains tadalafil, a PDE5 inhibitor, Erectafil slows down the action of PDE5, and this leaves room for an erection to take place and last long enough for pleasurable sex. It is worth noting that, like all ED drugs, Erectafil cannot work without sexual stimulation [3].

Erectafil Medication Dosage

The dose recommended for use is one 20 mg tablet per day. Note that taking more than a single tablet within a 24-hour period is considered an overdose, and it could increase the risk of side effects.

Swallow the tablet whole with a substantial amount of water. Do not crush, split, or dissolve the tablet as it may alter the dosage. It may be taken with or without food; however, fatty meals should be avoided as they’re known to interfere with the drug’s onset of effects and duration of action.

Tadalafil — Erectafil’s active ingredient — is a prescription-only agent and should be strictly used as instructed. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist before starting treatment or changing the dosage of any medicines.

Erectafil with Alcohol & Other Medicines: Any Interactions

Erectafil interacts negatively with certain other medicines. Some of them include [5]:

  • certain HIV medications;
  • some antibiotics;
  • antifungal drugs;
  • other ED drugs;
  • nitrates;
  • drugs that influence blood pressure.

Note that drug interactions may affect the effectiveness of one or more of the drugs taken concomitantly or increase their risk of causing side effects. It is advisable to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any other drug alongside Erectafil.

What’s more, tadalafil doesn’t go well with alcohol. Combining both substances may increase the risk of experiencing adverse effects such as dizziness, flushing, and lightheadedness, among others [6].

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Erectafil?

Thanks to its active ingredient, Erectafil has the same side effects as Cialis. Fortunately, they’re generally mild and are unusually long-lasting. Some of them include [4]:

  • headache;
  • anxiety;
  • nausea;
  • upset stomach;
  • dizziness;
  • flushing.

Note that the drug may cause more serious side effects such as priapism, irregular heartbeat, or skin reactions, among others; however, they’re typically ushered in by incorrect usage. This is why it is important to adhere strictly to the doctor’s instructions for use. Seek urgent medical attention if you notice any serious symptoms.


🏆 Popularity of Erectafil: Myth or Reality?

Erectafil’s popularity is currently a myth, but it may not stay that way for long. More and more men are beginning to use it as they discover that it provides exactly the same safety and effectiveness as brand-name Cialis for a fifth of the price. Erectafil is slowly but steadily climbing up the popularity ladder.

⏳ What Time of Action Do Erectafil Tablets Have?

Like brand-name Cialis, Erectafil’s effects kick in within 20 to 40 minutes after it is administered and remain active for about 36 hours. However, both its onset of effects and duration of action may vary based on certain factors. Some of them include the weight of the individual taking it, other medications taken with it, or the type of food eaten before or after taking the pill. Generally, foods rich in fact are known to prolong the time it takes for the drug’s effects to kick in.

💸 What Is the Price Range of Generic Erectafil Drugs?

The price range of generic Erectafil may vary from drugstore to drugstore. However, on ViaBestBuys.com and CialisBit.com, a month’s supply costs between $2.99 and $0.79, depending on the number of pills selected.

🛒 What Are the Best Places to Order Erectafil 20mg OTC?

The best place to order Erectafil 20 mg or any other ED drug OTC is definitely a pharmacy that has a ton of positive feedback on a reputable review platform like Trustpilot and guarantees a 100% refund in the event that a parcel goes missing or gets damaged. CialisBit and ViaBestBuys have both boxes ticked. You compare both to find which one will give you the best bang for your buck based on available discounts and other profitable offers.


There’s no doubt about Erectafil’s safety. It contains tadalafil — the well-researched PDE5 inhibitor that has proven safe and effective for decades as its active ingredient. Many men who use it have given it a thumbs up, stating that it helped them regain their confidence in the bedroom.

The fact that it provides exactly the same benefits, performance, and side effects as its brand-name counterpart, for 5X cheaper, makes it most men’s favorite. Erectafil is definitely a medication to be considered by any man looking to treat ED effectively on a budget.


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