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Our Mission: We’re committed to providing the most timely in-depth evidence-based research and information on all there is to know about drugs to improve the sexual force. was founded by Fred Moore — a beginner urologist (a student with in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge).

For most people with sexual problems in need of medication, there is little to no effectual information online about improving sexual power. Inspired by nothing but frustration with the poor state of available information, Fred collected his evidence-based research. He’s spent adequate time scanning peer-reviewed scientific research on the topic and distilling it down for the general public to acquaint themselves with detailed and absolutely necessary information.

For your convenience, it is divided into five distinct categories:

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    Our product guides give intricate details on each form of a particular drug to boost sexual power. We also cover tips on how to optimize your dosage to achieve high efficacy without side effects.

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    Our well researched buying guides with useful tips make it easy to get familiar with laws on importing ED and PE drugs to your country, overcome challenges finding the best vendor and become savvy in all kinds of online payments.

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    We make it easy for interested people to go through and acquaint themselves with our informational & in-depth evidence-based research articles & useful tips for all there is to know about drugs to boost sexual power.

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    Our well-researched in-depth guides with useful tips explore various sexual power drug interactions with other substances that can cause negative effects or provide a rewarding experience to your sexual health instead.


Our comprehensive evidence-based research covers insightful articles with in-depth comparisons of popular drugs to improve sexual power, which enables you to identify the most highly potent medication. Read on to acquaint with the best sexual health remedies to achieve your peak performance.

    Sildenafil vs Tadalafil Comparison

    Sildenafil and tadalafil belong to the same class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. While they’re both very effective treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), they have differences that may make one or the other a better choice. Learn more about these drugs.

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    Viagra vs Malegra Comparison

    Men have long associated their pride with their performances in bed. However, with a growing amount of stress and lack of physical exercise that leads to several health disorders, performance is becoming an issue. In this scenario, supplements like Viagra and Malegra come as a boon. They are designed to help solve this problem.

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    Viagra vs Vesele – What Is the Difference?

    Not sure if you should consume Viagra or Vesele to treat your erectile dysfunction? While Viagra is a reliable drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men, Vesele is a dietary supplement that enhances the blood flow in certain areas of the body and makes way for improved sexual pleasure. Find out more about these drugs here in this article.

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🛒 Buying Guides

Finding the best resource for trustworthy, and insightful tips & tricks on ordering meds online have never been easier. We take the lead. Our buying guides educate about the country-specific purchase of drugs to improve sexual power, how & where to get quality tabs from the best online vendors, different methods of payment, and more.

    Where to Buy Levitra in Canada in 2023

    Levitra was the third phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is about 10x times biomedically more potent than Viagra and poses fewer side effects. Learn more about this drug and where to buy it in Canada.

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    Where to Buy Viagra in Houston in 2023

    Viagra is available for sale in Huston, Texas. But what’s Viagra? Can you use this med? What can you expect after ingesting it? If interested, let’s explore more about Viagra, where to shop it online & have it shipped to your Houston address swiftly at a low cost.

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    Where to Buy Cialis with PayPal in 2023

    Tadalafil is a potent erectile dysfunction (ED) drug that is administered on demand and significantly improves erectile function. Several men with ED have problems paying their medications online with a credit card, however, certain e-pharmacies offer PayPal as an optional. This guide has an excellent pointer on the best e-pharmacies with PayPal acceptance.

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    Where to Buy Sildenafil in Canada in 2023

    Sildenafil was the first PDE5 inhibitor ever approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Due to its high success rate, it has been prescribed to over 25 million men globally. Read on to find more about its benefits, safety, legality, and where you can buy it in Canada.

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📚 Informational

Read our informational articles to acquaint yourself with evidence-based research guides & useful tips for all there is to know about improving sexual health. This category covers informational guides from how the different drugs influence human bodies to safe dosage for best results.

    Is Viagra Bad for Heart?

    Viagra is so effective that over 25 million men worldwide suffering from erectile dysfunction have been prescribed it. However, there are a lot of concerns regarding its effects on the heart. Is it bad for the heart? Let’s find out.

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    Can You Take Two 5 mg Cialis at Once?

    What is the right Cialis pill for daily use? It’s better to choose either 5 mg or 10 mg dosage for optimal results. Can you take two pills at once? What are some of the effects resulting from taking two 5 mg pills of Cialis at once? This guide has excellent pointers on what to expect from such a combination.

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    How to Cut a Cialis Pill in Half

    You know some meds can be cut in half, but how about Cialis? Is it safe to split it? Original Cialis is very expensive, and the idea of cutting the pill in half exists. Most people do so to save money. So, let’s take a look at Cialis (both branded and generic versions) and find out if it can be split into two equal parts.

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💊 Product Guides

Which tablet gives the most potent & tolerable sexual health effects? Read our product guides to acquaint with well-researched and quality articles on popular tablets for the maintenance of sexual power. We refined them for you to get the best remedy that manages your sexual health problem.

    Beginner's Guide to Staxyn

    Having impotence is not something to take lightly when it comes to having a healthy sex life. Staxyn is one of the top recommended drugs for erectile dysfunction all things (ED). This guide is all about how to use medicate Staxyn & where to source it from legit e-pharmacies.

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    Beginner's Guide to Female Viagra

    Lack of sexual desire is an experience women face in a relationship. In the same perspective, medicines for low sex drive in women are usually called “female Viagra” – the most famous & popular medication acting as a potent remedy for decreased sexual desire in women.

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Highly potent and well tolerable drugs reward with impressive beneficial effects, while negative interactions may endanger your health and life. Read on our in-depth and scrutinized articles about the joint interaction of popular drugs to improve sexual power with other tablets. Your safety is paramount.

    Viagra and Lexapro Stack: Interaction & Effects

    Certain antidepressants can contribute to male impotence. When this type of medication impacts your sex life, what should you do to overcome this negative effect? Can you stack with another medication to increase interest in sex, become aroused and reach orgasm? This guide has pointers on how to beat Lexapro’s effect on sexual health by stacking with erectile dysfunction medication – Viagra.

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    Viagra and Lisinopril: Useful Guide to Mixing Drugs

    By mixing drugs, it may be possible to still enjoy sexual satisfaction while undergoing treatment for high blood pressure. Viagra and Lisinopril seem to be the perfect combo for this purpose, but they may interact negatively if not used correctly. Learn everything you need to know about mixing these drugs.

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    Citalopram and Viagra Stack: Interaction and Effects

    In today’s world, many people taking antidepressants often use them simultaneously with drugs for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Thus, it is important to understand the effects and impact of combining an antidepressant, like citalopram, with an ED medication, like Viagra. This article will explore the possible interactions and effects experienced with the coadministration of both drugs.

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    Is It Safe to Take Creatine and Viagra Together?

    What is the effect of combining creatine and Viagra? This guide explores the benefits & risks of taking these substances together + the withdrawal period and interactions with alcohol and food. Additionally, it provides information on reputable online pharmacies where these drugs can be purchased. Read on.

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