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Where to Buy Levitra in the USA in 2023

Where to Buy Levitra in the USA

Talking about erectile dysfunction is not an interesting experience. It’s an embarrassing situation every man doesn’t want to encounter. In the United States alone, erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 30 million men.

There are several meds approved for this condition. Brand-name versions cost extremely high compared to generics (more than 90% cheaper). Approved generics of Levitra are sold over-the-counter in the U.S. However, is the process of getting generic Levitra legal? How about its prescription? This is an in-depth guide for the USA residents with pointers on where to safely source genuine Levitra from legit & trusted e-pharmacies at extremely low cost.

Main Features of Levitra

Vardenafil (the active ingredient) was co-marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals under the brand-name version Levitra®. It is a prescription highly prescribed to several men to help improve their erections just like Viagra® or Cialis®. Vardenafil functions to relax muscles found in the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body including the penis.

Levitra tablets are available in the strength of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg orally disintegrating. However, generic vardenafil tablets consist of higher strengths from 10 mg up to 60 mg. The dosage depends on individual age, health, and response to medication.

For most men with erectile dysfunction, the recommended starting dose of Levitra is 10 mg taken orally as needed. The individual dose may be increased to a maximum recommended dose of 20 mg or decreased to 5 mg based on efficacy and negative effects. Some men can administer this medication up to vardenafil 40 mg and still respond to medication as effective and well-tolerated.

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Benefits and Safety of This Drug

Vardenafil is a selective & highly potent phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Due to its improved selectivity for PDE5 (a body enzyme responsible for degrading the release of adequate nitric oxide needed to trigger the production of cGMP), it demonstrated higher efficacy for improving sexual function in men with ED.

Most notably, more than 70% of men who try vardenafil, get erections more easily. It can treat all degrees of impotence and for some men, vardenafil can be a better erectile dysfunction choice than Viagra if they have eye-related health problems.

Studies depicted that the efficacy of vardenafil in people taking trials showed significantly better improvements. No serious adverse medicine reactions were reported from this study. However, like any medicine, the most common treatment negative effects were headache, flushing & rhinitis which were mostly mild.

Levitra Drug

Generally, vardenafil is an effective & well-tolerated remedy for ED and it provides an improvement in erectile function among several men with ED. A higher percentage of male patients achieve improved erections with the administration of vardenafil [1], [2].

Levitra can be taken with or without food. However, fatty meals can delay its onset of action. Grapefruit juice may boost the level of vardenafil in blood. For safety purposes, it’s recommended to limit your consumption of grapefruit and grapefruit juice during treatment with vardenafil. Symptoms such as lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, headache, flushing, & heart palpitations can occur if taking Levitra with alcohol. It’s advisable to avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with vardenafil.

Above all, drug-drug interaction and disease interaction can exist. It is important to tell your medical specialist about all other medications you use, including herbs & vitamins. A doctor must assess your health to consider if vardenafil is suitable for you. This medication works very well with people who are healthy and adhere to the prescription and drug leaflet for instructions & warnings [3].

Is Levitra Legal in the USA?

Yes, Levitra® is legal in the USA market and its generic has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Several pharmaceuticals have been approved to manufacture generic Levitra. However, this approval does not mean that the generic version of vardenafil will be commercially available due to patents and/or exclusivity [4].

Some of the approved manufacturers of vardenafil include:

  • CROSSMEDIKA SA: approved on October 31, 2018;
  • MACLEODS PHARMS LTD: approved on October 22, 2019;
  • TEVA PHARMS: approved on May 3, 2012;
  • ZYDUS PHARMS: approved on October 31, 2018.

With these approvals, generic vardenafil is widely sold in the USA market from local pharmacies as well as online vendors.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy It in Local Pharmacies?

Like any medicine, its prescription is necessary. The USA local pharmacies require that you undergo health assessment before getting any drug prescription. This is mandatory because every individual reacts differently to medication.

In regards to male impotence, some other health problems can be treated to rectify erectile dysfunction. However, after a comprehensive health analysis and getting a prescription of ED medicine, several men feel embarrassed to enter into a local pharmacy and ask for Levitra® or other ED drugs.

In this case, people prefer getting their medication from online e-pharmacies. Below is a detailed guide on some great online drugstores that deliver Levitra to the USA address and help you stay comfortable without worry.

What Are the Best Places to Buy Levitra in the USA?

FYI: Several fake online drugstores are selling fake erectile dysfunction meds – especially Viagra®. Fraudulent e-pharmacies may attempt with all means possible to sell an illegal generic version of Levitra. These meds may be counterfeit & potentially unsafe to your health. If you intend to purchase medications online while living in the US, be sure you are buying from a reputable and valid e-pharmacy.

Buy Online

Below are our hand-picked best e-pharmacies where you can buy Levitra in the USA with the best price.


This vendor is our top recommended one for all things generic medicine in regards to erectile dysfunction. All their pills are the real deal and produced by the FDA approved companies. It’s legit, trusted, and has amazing buyer reviews due to its quality medication, pricing, and delivery.

ViaBestBuys is the most favored & highly rated with excellent performance according to customer reviews from Trustpilot. It sells Levitra and other ED drugs at extremely low prices – less than $0.79 per tablet compared to brand Levitra® 20 mg, which is sold at around $64.25 per pill [5].

Generic Levitra 20 mg – from ViaBestBuys.com:

Quantity Price per Tab Total Cost
10 tabs $2.99 $29
100 tabs $0.99 $99
500 tabs $0.79 $399

Levitra® 20 mg pill is priced as follows [5]:

Quantity Price Per Unit Total Price
6 tabs $64.25 $385.51
30 tabs $54.09 $1,622.65

This pricing varies slightly from different vendors selling brand-name Levitra®.

ViaBestBuys website is highly secured with an SSL certificate. You can save more with the availability of a 25% discount when paying using Bitcoin (BTC). Other available payment options include PayPal, Visa Card, American Express, or MasterCard. Everything from this vendor is tailored for customers. The availability of discounts and coupons help you to save more dollars.

For customers living in the U.S., the delivery period is ultra-fast – from 7 up to 10 business days if using the EMS. Nonetheless, if you prefer using Registered Airmail services (the standard shipping option), delivery to the USA takes from 10-18 business days.

Interestingly, the U.S. residents enjoy free shipping for Levitra or any order above $130 (for standard delivery) and above $180 for the EMS. Use this e-pharmacy and enjoy their lowest pricing and various customer-tailored price-reducing experiences. It has guaranteed delivery, and in case of any failed delivery, it offers its customers free reshipping or refunds depending on their choice.


This vendor operates just like what ViaBestBuys does. It offers nearly the same product range and it sources its erectile dysfunction medicine from the approved manufacturers. CialisBit has a higher reputation due to the quality of its products, excellent customer support & shipping, and favorable prices. This e-pharmacy is highly rated by genuine buyers as depicted from Trustpilot reviews [6].

CialisBit makes it easy and fast to buy Levitra at an extremely low rate – usually at the manufacturing cost. Setting itself up as unique and trusted, its online drugstore is highly secured with an SSL certificate. The USA residents visiting this e-pharmacy as customers don’t have to worry about the safety of their payments. Stay comfortable, order Levitra, and experience ultra-fast shipping. Checking out using BTC is very safe & secure. It earns you a whopping 25% discount. You also save more money by using their time-to-time customer-tailored price-reducing experiences such as coupons and offers.

Moreover, in addition to Bitcoin as the preferred checkout option, CialisBit also accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Bitcoin Payment

Do you care about the safety and privacy of Levitra while being delivered to your location in the USA? This supplier sends its products to customers in discreet packaging. And if shipping is your priority, this e-pharmacy has an excellent shipping time to the U.S. It has guaranteed delivery, and in case of any parcel failed delivery, it offers its free reshipping or refunds depending on your choice.

For buyers residing in the USA, the delivery time from this vendor takes from 7 up to 10 business days via the EMS. If using Registered Airmail services (standard shipping option), their delivery to the U.S. takes from 10-18 business days.


HighStreetPharma is another great and reliable vendor selling both branded and generic medicines sourced from approved manufacturers. It has a wide range of medications from different categories including antidepressants, antibiotics, cancer symptoms relief treatment, diabetes, blood pressure, HIV, nootropics, quit smoking, and weight loss treatments among others.

Like ViaBestBuys and CialisBit, HighStreetPharma shipping to the US is fast, and it does not require any prescription for Levitra or any medication you can order from its drugstore. It accepts payments made with gift cards, MasterCard, and cryptocurrency.

Pricing of erectile dysfunction drugs including Levitra is extremely favorable to the buyers. It offers free reshipment and refund, but it does not cover this option for buyers from some listed countries on its website. To the USA residents, this vendor offers free express shipping.

Its two shipping methods include:

  • the EMS delivery which takes 7-4 days;
  • Airmail service that takes 14-21 days. If using this option, packages are not trackable and can take a maximum of 30 days to be delivered.

Still, enjoy free Airmail shipping for Levitra or any ED medicine on a minimum order value of $150.


PureRxPills offers erectile dysfunction medications including other FDA-approved pharmaceutical products from a wide category of medicines such as allergy relief, antidepressants, antibiotics, antifungals, blood pressure, asthma relief, diabetes treatment, cancer symptoms relief treatment, and others.

Notably, it sources Levitra and other ED meds from approved manufacturers. Still, as a trusted and reliable e-pharmacy, PureRxPills states on its website where it has over five thousand buyer reviews rating it the best and recommending this vendor due to its quality products, favorable prices, and ultra-fast delivery.

PureRxPills does not necessarily require a prescription for your Levitra medicine. It functions on a prescription-free basis providing a convenient and secure shopping experience. However, buying some products from this vendor, you are required to submit certain medical information when placing your order. It’s not a complex task to perform – just the pharmacy’s way of ensuring that the medicine you need is safe for you.

The shipping of customer packages is worldwide including the USA. Moreover, most of the orders made from this vendor are eligible for free global delivery using Registered Airmail. Levitra and other product payments are made using any major credit card. As stated from its website, buyers (as up to 99%) get free delivery with Airmail shipping. It also gives a refund or free reshipment of Levitra parcel & other packages if they get lost or damaged while shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions

🏆 Why Is Levitra So Popular in the USA?

Since the discovery of sildenafil, other potent and well-tolerated medicines (including Levitra) contain vardenafil as the most potent and effective active ingredient, it has entered into the market helping millions of men overcome their erectile dysfunction. It’s safe and works like Viagra® with its peak effects in one hour, lasts for 4-5 hours.

🇺🇸 Are Levitra Drugs Legal in the USA?

Yes. Generic vardenafil has been approved by the FDA and some pharmaceuticals have gained approval to manufacture generic Levitra®. This medicine can be bought from the local pharmacies, although not all of them stock this drug. Take care of fake counterfeit medication if choosing online drugstores as the next option.

💸 How Much Levitra Cost in the USA?

The pricing of Levitra® is extremely high. One pill of this medication costs more than $60 – there can be a small price reduction if using a discount card from a certain vendor. However, there are generic versions available, and they are extremely cheap. You can get this drug from some e-pharmacies at the best price not more than $3 per tablet.

For example, prices of Levitra 20 mg:

e-Pharmacy Cost of 30 Tablets Price Per Tablet
ViaBestBuys $69 $2.29
CialisBit $69 $2.29
HighStreetPharma $90.9 $3.03
PureRxPills $175 $5.83

From these vendors, the more tablets you order, the lower the cost – as low as $0.79 for 500 tablets.

🛒 Best Places to Buy Levitra in the USA Without Prescription

Note that fake online drugstores exist. When buying any medicine, make sure you source it from legit and treated e-pharmacies. Stay safe. Don’t harm your health by using an unreliable and illegal online drugstore claiming to offer genuine erectile dysfunction medicines.

Use these top e-pharmacies that source their meds from approved manufacturers and shipping to the USA: ViaBestBuys, CialisBit, HighStreetPharma, or PureRxPills.

For more information on how they operate, visit their website and learn more. Also, use verified buyer reviews from Trustpilot as a tip.


Just like the little famous “blue pill” – Viagra, Stendra, or Cialis, Levitra is safe, very effective, and well-tolerated. It works for most people with varying degrees of ED and several people globally have been prescribed this medication.

Since generic vardenafil has been approved by the FDA, it means that it can be sold in the USA markets as it has the same efficacy and tolerability as the brand-name drug Levitra®. However, most people prefer online e-pharmacies due to their privacy, and pricing of meds. While living in the USA, the above-mentioned e-pharmacies are the best. They offer genuine Levitra sourced from approved manufactures at the manufacturing cost with guaranteed delivery to the U.S.


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