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Sildenafil citrate

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  • Effectively treats all degrees of erectile


  • Treats FSD (female sexual dysfunction)

    & FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder)

  • Necessitates sexual arousal
  • Meets all the quality standards
  • Rapid-acting tablet
  • Ingested as needed
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  • Price from

    $0.79 per pill

  • Side Effects

    Sometimes flushing, headache, nausea, and muscle pain

  • Dosage

    100 mg per day

    • Onset 15 m.

    • Peak 1 hr.

    • Drop 4–6 hrs.

Beginner’s Guide to Lovegra

Lovegra Pills

Viagra is an efficacious med for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Being the first to be licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has been many men’s favorite. However, millions have been overwhelmed by the expensiveness of this medication. But there’s good news. Since the expiration of its patent & the consequent rise of generic versions, many men have embraced them for their affordability & equally offering remarkable results. Besides, women suffering from FSD (female sexual dysfunction) & FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder) can also use this med to experience fulfilled intercourse.

Lovegra is one of such relatively new generic Viagra versions, & it holds a lot of promise. It’s considerably more affordable than branded Viagra. However, does this med offer the same level of safety & effectiveness as Viagra? Who manufactured it? How does it work & differ from Viagra? Are there any interactions & side effects? Is it possible to buy some Lovegra pills online? Let’s find out in this review.

Main Features and Popularity of Lovegra

Since its accidental discovery, Viagra became the first orally-administered med certified by the FDA for ED treatment [1]. Until recently, it became one of the most sought-after sexual intensification meds by men looking to ameliorate erection & satisfy their partners.

Nonetheless, interest in it had dwindled over time, as more alternatives like Stendra, Levitra, and Cialis, & even more when its patent expired & extremely low-priced generics that delivered similar penile results entered the spotlight. Today, there are a higher number of excellent generic alternatives to choose from, & certainly, Lovegra is indeed one of them.

The pharmaceutical med contains sildenafil citrate, Viagra’s active ingredient, & thus offers an equal level of safety & effectiveness. Sildenafil has an extensive research base that attests the med is safe, well-tolerated, & very effective in treating ED. However, Lovegra, also recognized as “Viagra for women”, is a common form of sildenafil tab developed specifically for women, but it can be used by men. It is pink in color & is packaged in blister packs of 4 tabs. Certainly, the open dialogue of sexual conditions in women has become more conventional. Conditions like FSD (female sexual dysfunction) & FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder) are today being taken seriously by physicians. Although contemporary evidence is deemed anecdotal, many physicians are starting to prescribe Lovegra to women while most men use it as a powerful drug for ED. Women taking Lovegra can undergo heightened blood flow & sensitivity in the vaginal area & this can in turn lead to better natural lubrication as well as an increased rate of success during intercourse.

Lovegra, like several other generics, is growing in popularity because of its insanely great low price, which is much more affordable compared to the branded version. Another pointer behind its popularity is its ease of accessibility. Lovegra can be obtained easily from a good number of excellent & reputable e-drugstores, even without a need for a prescription.

Certainly, since its first approval, Viagra is changed many people’s sexual life & Lovegra may be a remarkable alternative for men looking to treat ED on a budget. As generic ED meds have begun to eat into Viagra’s market share, it’s no longer the powerhouse it once was [2]. Generics like Lovegra have taken the lead. In 2020, Pfizer’s patent on Viagra was set to expire, and now various generics are rising in popularity. The med can also be used by females to enhance sexual desire during intercourse.

Who Manufactured This Drug?

Lovegra is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, a reputable Indian pharmacy. The company is indeed dedicated to superior service, supply chain reliability, & flexibility to meet the unique needs of its consumers. It’s a multinational company engaged in the development, manufacturing, & marketing of pharmaceutical formulations. It has a presence in India, the USA, & about 30 other countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, & CIS. It was founded in 1973 [3]. Ajanta Pharma comprehends its consumer’s needs & uses cutting-edge technology to present innovative solutions. Its business includes branded generic meds, including Lovegra. The pharma is committed to constantly advancing the quality standards of its product & services by the implementation of cGMP, up-gradation in technology, as well as imparting training to effectively adapt to newer technologies & high standards.

Lovegra 100mg: Where to Get Online?

Online Purchase

Many e-drugstores operate legally & offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, privacy, & safeguards for shopping various treatments. However, some Internet-based drugstores often sell unapproved or counterfeit health products with harmful ingredients. To get the best experience, it’s prudent to verify the reputability & legitimacy of the e-pharmacy before placing orders & making any payments. Below are our recommended e-pharmacies selling Lovegra. You can expect to get Lovegra at a favorable cost with the best services from them by every standard:


ViaBestBuys (VBB) is a reputable & trustworthy e-pharmacy. It offers Lovegra, & a wide range of other FDA-certified meds at affordable rates. VBB offers guaranteed deliveries & refunds or reshipping the parcel, no questions asked (provided you give accurate address description) if they get missing or delayed for more than 2 weeks.

Shopping Lovegra from this e-pharmacy is a pleasurable experience. It’s flexible when it comes to ordering in bulk – as little as 10 tabs & as much as 500 tabs. The price per tab drops as more tabs are added to the cart. For instance, 10 Lovegra 100 mg tabs cost $2.99 each, 500 tabs cost $0.79 per tab.

VBB ships globally except Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Indonesia, Ireland, Pakistan, & a few other countries because of their stringent import regulations. VBB makes use of 2 shipping methods: Express Mail Service (EMS) & Standard Shipping.

  • EMS: Deliveries to New Zealand, Australia, the EU, the USA, & the UK take between 7-12 working days. Meanwhile, those to other parts of the globe take between 14-30 working days. Parcels dispatched with this shipping option are trackable & cost $39. However, VBB offers free shipping for all purchases over $180;
  • Registered Airmail shipping. Shipping takes between 10-18 working days for shoppers living in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the EU, or the USA. Deliveries to other countries it ships to take 14-30 working days. This shipping option costs $29 but is free for shopper orders worth $80. Nonetheless, orders are non-trackable.

VBB offers several discounts & profitable deals. For instance, it provides 25% off bitcoin checkout. It also gives free samples to test its effects. VBB accepts payment via American Express, bitcoin (BTC), MasterCard, & PayPal.


CialisBit (CB) is another trusted e-pharmacy where FDA-certified meds, including Lovegra, can be gotten at affordable costs. Its operations are similar to VBB. The vendor ships globally using either EMS or standard shipping, but it also doesn’t ship to Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Pakistan, & a few other countries for the same reason that VBB doesn’t – stringent customs laws. But there is a sure option of using Skypax or other parcel-forwarding services. This shipment method works well. Based on the shipping method chosen, parcel shipping times are similar to VBB but shipping cost varies (EMS with tracking $49 – free over $180; the standard shipping costs $39 but free over $130). CB offers discounts via coupon codes & vouchers. Its accepted modes of payment include AmEx, MasterCard, BTC, PayPal, & Zelle. It provides a 25% discount to shoppers who pay with BTC.


HighStreetPharma (HSP) is certainly a reputable e-pharmacy that sells Lovegra, as well as a variety of other meds beyond ED drugs. It has exceptional shopper service, pocket-friendly prices, & indeed amazing discounts. It sources all its products directly from certified manufacturers, so the drug quality is guaranteed.

HSP has 2 shipping options: EMS & Airmail:

  • Airmail takes 14-21 working days — standard shipping from India takes 20-45 working days & cost $9.99;
  • EMS via Indiapost/Swiss post/DHL — takes 7-14 working days. EMS with tracking from India takes 7-12 working days & costs $25 – FREE over $150.

With Free Airmail/Express shipping, due to strict country-specific customs, HSP doesn’t provide refunds or reshipments for several countries listed on its website. Be sure to check if your country is included. If shipping to America, the parcel delivery process takes from 7 to 12 working days. This is similar to orders shipped to Europe, Australia & the UK. It also takes 14-30 working days for orders shipped to the rest of the globe. HSP accepts payments via gift cards & cryptocurrencies.

What Is the Cost of Lovegra?

Pills Price

Generally, Lovegra is affordable. Nonetheless, its price may vary based on the e-pharmacy purchased from. Considering VBB, CB & HSP, the prices offered by the former are more pocket-friendly.

CB & VBB seems to be the cheapest as it offers Lovegra 100 mg 30 tabs at $69 ($2.29 per tab) while HSP offers Lovegra 100 mg 32 tabs at $97.60 ($3.05 tab). Besides, VBB & CB vendors offer an opportunity to shop in bulk. The price falls as a shopper buys more Lovegra tabs.

Is Lovegra Pills Different from Viagra

Is Lovegra different from Viagra? Though Lovegra & Viagra have some similarities (i.e. similar active ingredients), they equally have their variations. Lovegra comes in a package of 100 mg while Viagra comes in 3 dose strengths – 25 mg, 50 mg, & 100 mg. Viagra has a high reputation & is one of the most popular orally administered meds for ED treatment. This is because it was the first of its kind to be discovered on the market & it has an extensive review base compared to Lovegra. Besides, Lovegra doesn’t match up with Viagra in terms of reputation & isn’t as popular. Nonetheless, its reputation grows each day, as many men are embracing it for its effectiveness & affordability. Another aspect to consider where both meds differ is in terms of price. Lovegra is indeed extremely cheap, while Viagra is very expensive. Based on the pharmacy visited, a 100 mg tab of Viagra may cost around $82.20 [4]. Finally, unlike Viagra, Lovegra can be obtained easily from an e-pharmacy, without a prescription.

Working Aspect of Lovegra

Icon Satisfied Partner
Effective for men and women

Sildenafil, an active ingredient used in Lovegra, is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. It indeed blocks the degradative activity of the PDE5 on cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) chemical in the smooth muscle cells lining the blood capillaries supplying various tissues.

The endothelial cells & nerves trigger the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the penis. The endothelial stimulates guanylyl cyclase to provide enough cGMP & lowers intracellular calcium levels. The phosphorylation of PDE5 heightens its enzymatic activity & the affinity of its allosteric (noncatalytic/GAF domains) sites for cGMP. The PDE5 increases the breakdown of cGMP that’s released during sexual arousal to regulate blood flow in the penis [5].

Lovegra functions by easing muscles in blood vessel walls to assist boost blood flow to the penis. This method makes it simpler to achieve & maintain an erection that’s indeed hard enough for satisfying intercourse.

Lovegra Medication Dosage

The advisable starting dose of Lovegra is 50 mg taken approx. 30 to 60 min before intercourse. Based on efficacy & tolerability, the dose may be increased to 100 mg or decreased to 25 mg. The climax suggested dose is 100 mg that’s taken ONLY once per day.

Consider that Lovegra dosage is based on individual responses to medication. Yet, it’s always prudent to consult a physician before taking or changing the dosage of Lovegra.

Lovegra with Alcohol & Other Medicines: Any Interactions

Like any other ED med, Lovegra causes interaction with certain types of meds + alcohol. It should not be mixed with some meds categories. It’s incompatible with such meds, like [7]:

  • nitrate-containing tabs;
  • antibiotics;
  • antifungal tabs;
  • other meds for ED;
  • alpha- and beta-blockers;
  • AIDS/HIV meds.

Before using Lovegra, share the whole list of meds that you take with your physician because even some vitamins, supplements, & herbs may interact with sildenafil. Indeed, Lovegra is easily mixed with any food, but consumption of fatty meals postpones its time for the peak concentration of sildenafil in the blood. Ensure to have a light dinner before the planned sexual activity.

The only product to circumvent is grapefruit & its juice. Its simultaneous usage with Lovegra leads to serious negative effects. Furthermore, try to limit the amount of consumed alcohol & cigarettes. Booze lessens sensitivity, while smoking elevates the constriction of blood vessels. You may be more likely to undergo symptoms such as fainting, flushing, dizziness, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, & headache. Avert or limit the use of alcohol while using Lovegra.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Lovegra?

Lovegra causes no serious negative effects in men with good overall health. This med has got approval for its safety from several medical experts. However, like any med, & based on adherence to prescription, Lovegra can cause some common negative effects mentioned below:

  • flu-like symptoms (fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, etc.);
  • back pain;
  • painful erection;
  • muscular aches;
  • hot flushes;
  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • indigestion;
  • vision or hearing impairment;
  • high blood pressure.

This isn’t a comprehensive list [6]. In most cases, negative effects may be a sign of an overdose, & it’s just enough to lessen Lovegra dosage. Usually, such negative reactions soon go away. If it bothers you for long, medical assistance is advisable. Discuss with your physician all possible adverse effects & how to act in case any of any negative effects show up.


🏆 Popularity of Lovegra: Myth or Reality?

Lovegra may not be deemed popular when compared to some other ED meds. Nonetheless, it has advanced to soar in popularity & is steadily making its way to the top – just like Viagra when it first hit the market. Lovegra’s popularity may be attributed to its cost-effectiveness, particularly in the world today, where every individual is budget-conscious. One other feasible reason behind its fast-rising fame is the truth that it’s relatively more accessible than Viagra. Thus, it can be purchased without a prescription from a legit vendor that offers it.

⏳ What Time of Action Have Lovegra Tablets?

Lovegra starts working in 30 min to an hour. It’s possible to start feeling the effects of Lovegra at any time during this window & has a duration of effect of up to 4-5 or so hours, depending on the individual metabolism & the dose taken. Indeed, some men may experience more than one erection throughout this time. Nonetheless, just because Lovegra can stay in the body for up to 5+ hours doesn’t mean the erection should last that long.

💸 What Is the Price Range of Generic Lovegra Drugs?

Viagra costs an average of about $70 per tab, while generic sildenafil (Lovegra) can cost about $3 or less per tab, depending on the dosage. Some online subscription services can lower the overall price of brand-name Viagra, while most of the generic Viagra such as Lovegra can cost as little as $0.79 per tab for bulk orders (i.e. 500 tabs).

🛒 What Are the Best Places to Order Lovegra 100mg OTC?

Several e-pharmacies sell Lovegra at desirable prices, although at all times, trust, loyalty, & reliability should be the watchwords to avoid getting counterfeit meds or losing money to scam vendors. Certainly, ViaBestBuys, HighStreetPharma, & CialisBit are the best & cost-effective e-pharmacies to order Lovegra.


Just like Viagra & other popular ED meds, Lovegra is indeed safe & highly effective. If used correctly, as prescribed, it can go beyond just giving fuller erections to aid ameliorate relationships & restore a man’s self-esteem. The fact that it costs 90%+ less than original Viagra makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to treat ED on a budget. If you want this med, this guide has all the pointers necessary to make an informed purchase decision from the legit & cost-effective vendors with guaranteed delivery.


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