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  • Improves erection in men
  • Treats and manages erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Prolongs ejaculation in some cases
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  • Side Effects

    Sometimes nausea, headache, and temporary dizziness

  • Dosage

    Between 0.1-0.2 ml per day

    • Onset 1-2 hr.

    • Peak 2-6 hr.

    • Drop 18 hr.

Beginner’s Guide to Liquid Tadalafil (Generic Cialis)

Great Guide to Liquid Tadalafil

In many parts of the world, erectile dysfunction (ED) is more or less a taboo topic or a subject that no one feels comfortable talking about.

However, this doesn’t take away the fact that a significant percentage of men suffer from it. Fortunately, in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of ED treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, and, more recently, liquid generic Cialis.

If you’re new to liquid Tadalafil, you’d need a few pointers. Thus, in this article, we’d be discussing everything you need to know about this medication.

What Is Liquid Tadalafil and Why Is It So Popular?

For many people, the term “liquid Tadalafil”, or “liquid Cialis”, rings a bell when it is mentioned. But what exactly is this medication? And why exactly is it so popular among adult males?

Liquid Tadalafil is a drug used to combat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. According to studies and reviews from men who have used it, there are a few reasons why many user favor this drug:

  • It treats erectile dysfunction. For many people, ED is a demoralizing condition. Most men who suffer from this dysfunction end up feeling depressed and developing low self-esteem. In some cases, it could even cause a strain on relationships. However, liquid Tadalafil helps to curb this demoralizing ailment, thereby giving these men their confidence back and improving their relationships.
  • It enhances sexual performance. Looking to increase your sexual function and up your game a notch? According to users, generic liquid Cialis is the way to go. This medication helps to improve sexual performance by a significant percentage and transform sexual lives.
  • It helps to prolong ejaculation. For some men, erectile dysfunction isn’t exactly the problem, rather, premature ejaculation – a condition characterized by too early ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Cialis helps to increase stamina, thereby prolonging ejaculation and ultimately improving sexual performance.
  • It has minimal side effects. When it comes to medications and treatments, a lot of people are wary of the associated adverse reactions. However, liquid Tadalafil comes with minimal side effects. In most cases, they are mild and do not last for long.

These qualities have made it a popular choice among men, and from all indications, its popularity isn’t waning any time soon.

Who Manufactured Generic Cialis?

The brand-name drug – Cialis – was first developed by ICOS – a biotechnology company before being further developed and marketed on a global scale by Lilly ICOS, LLC [1]. But in 2018, Cialis went generic, with multiple pharmaceutical companies releasing their versions of the brand name medication.

Some of the companies involved in the manufacturing of generic Cialis are as follows:

  • Camber Pharmaceuticals;
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals;
  • Sun Pharma;
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, and so on.

One implication of the multiplicity of generic Cialis manufacturers is that the competition will be stiff and thereby lead to lower prices.

Best Places to Buy Liquid Tadalafil Online

Get Tablets Online

With the advent of online pharmacies and vendors, purchasing medications has never been easier. However, even though online stores are quite convenient, they also have a few flaws. One would still have to be careful not to fall prey to scammers or vendors with poor services. Unfortunately, vendors that seem worthy of our trust don’t sell liquid Tadalafil. Therefore, we advise you to buy other alternative forms of generic Cialis. Even though the liquid form of this drug has numerous benefits by itself, it’s better to fall on the safe side and get your medication from places that offer quality medicine.


ViaBestBuys is an online vendor that ships Tadalafil as well as other ED treatments to different countries across the globe. The main great features of this e-pharmacy are its awesome customer service and the variety of payments – customers can check out with a credit card, PayPal or crypto.

Typically, ViaBestBuys ships all orders using Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS is a speedier and more reliable mode of delivery. Usually, the delivery process takes between 7-10 business days for orders from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. On the other hand, orders from the rest of the world may take between 14-30 days. Customers usually receive their tracking number within 24-72 hours from the time their orders are placed.

In cases where a customer places a large order, ViaBestBuys may use Registered Airmail services, which is slower than EMS but just as reliable. When using this shipping option, the delivery may take up to 10-18 business days if you’re placing an order from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Unfortunately, due to stringent regulatory laws, ViaBestBuys doesn’t ship to countries such as Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, and Israel. Users who live there will have to use a reshipping service such as SkyPax to get their package delivered to them.

Apart from its fast delivery and great prices, ViaBestBuys equally offers discounts and amazing deals to returning customers and those paying with cryptocurrency.


ViaBestBuys and CialisBit share a very similar delivery process. Like the former, CialisBit sends all orders from India using Express Mail Service (EMS). This supplier ships to the following countries:

  • New Zealand;
  • Australia;
  • the United States;
  • all EU countries from within the UK.

Usually, it takes between 7-10 business days for orders from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA to arrive. For the rest of the world, the delivery process may take up to 14-30 days. For customers who want to place large/bulky orders, this online vendor will split it into several packages and ship them separately in order to avoid problems when it comes to customs clearance or use an Airmail Registered service.

If your order gets lost or stuck at customs, CialisBit will either reship it free of charge or refund you, depending on what you prefer.

You can use any major credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin to pay there, and if you choose the latter you will enjoy a discount.


HighStreetPharma is yet another reliable online store that offers ED treatments and other medications at great prices. This pharmacy has two major shipping options. First, customers may have their orders sent via Airmail, which may take between 14-21 days before delivery. On the other hand, orders may be shipped using EMS, and this option typically takes up to 7-14 days. When you place an order worth $150 and above, you get free Airmail shipping. This deal applies to all categories of drugs except nootropics.

HighStreetPharma ships to several countries. However, if your country does not fall within one of those on its shipping list, you can use SkyPax to get your order delivered.

Another interesting thing about this store is its discrete nature. It allows payments with gift cards or cryptocurrency for better security and packages orders without any labels or indications of what’s inside. With this vendor, your privacy is 100% guaranteed.


PureRxPills is a great online pharmacy where you can get your medications by paying with a credit card without having to worry about privacy. However, this vendor seems to be a little different from the aforementioned ones.

When placing your order, you’d be required to provide certain medical information. Once the order has been placed, the medical information will then be forwarded to a certified and licensed physician for review. Your medical statement will be carefully analyzed, after which it will be decided whether your order should be approved or not. If your order is approved, it’d be sent to a relevant pharmacy and then be shipped.

With PureRxPills, 99% of orders are eligible for free Airmail shipping. However, this vendor has no estimated delivery time as it may vary depending on your country and circumstances. However, this is no cause for alarm. If your shipment gets lost or damaged, this vendor either gives a full refund or reships your order, depending on what you’d prefer.

Price Range for Liquid Tadalafil

The cost of liquid Tadalafil may vary depending on the vendor and the manufacturer in question. As it is not widely spread on the market, it’s hard to provide a concrete price. However, you can always be sure that generic Cialis is much cheaper than the brand-name one.

Pills Cost

Generic Cialis Pills vs Liquid Tadalafil

Although generic Cialis pills and liquid Tadalafil work in pretty much the same way, there’s still an eternal debate going on among users. Which is better? What’s the difference? To answer these questions, we’d need to critically compare these two medications according to different categories.

Key Features

For starters, the major difference existing between generic Cialis pills and liquid Tadalafil is obviously their physical features. While generic Cialis comes in the form of tablets that are swallowed whole with water, liquid Tadalafil comes in the form of droplets.

Another minor difference existing between these two medications is the absorption time. Although the time of action for these two medications is basically the same, liquid Tadalafil is absorbed much quicker, thereby shortening the onset of action.


So far, both liquid Tadalafil and generic Cialis pills have tons of positive reviews from users. However, some of them maintain that the former is more effective. Nevertheless, it’s still too early to draw conclusions on this claim.


There’s much more reliable information available for generic Cialis pills than the liquid Tadalafil, as more clinical research was conducted in regards to this medication form.

But in the end, it all boils down to personal preference.

How Does Liquid Tadalafil Work?

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Liquid Tadalafil works in just the same way as the generic Cialis pills. It contains tadalafil, a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, as its active component. This ingredient helps to relax the muscles of the blood vessels and subsequently increase blood flow to certain areas of the body including the penile region [2].

The increased blood flow to the penile region will result in an improved and prolonged erection. Note, however, that it doesn’t work without sexual stimulation and does not make a person “horny” just by itself.

Dosage Guideline for Liquid Tadalafil

Measuring the appropriate dosage for liquid Tadalafil can be quite complicated, and as such, it should be done meticulously. It is important to know that 1 ml of liquid Tadalafil contains 30 mg of the active substance. In most cases, users of this medication take between 0.1 to 0.2 ml daily. However, it is highly advisable to talk to your doctor before using this drug and follow their recommended dosage.

In the same vein, if you feel the need to change your current dose, consult your doctor first to ascertain it is a safe and necessary choice.

Interaction of Liquid Tadalafil with Alcohol and Other Medicines

When using liquid Tadalafil or any medication for that matter, it is important to avoid interactions as they could affect the way the tabs work in your body. Liquid Tadalafil interacts in a negative way with certain drugs such as the following:

  • nitrates. When used with nitrates, Tadalafil could cause a critical plunge in your blood pressure, thereby leading to fainting or extreme dizziness. Some nitrate-based medications include isosorbide dinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate, and glyceryl trinitrate (GTN);
  • alpha-blockers. Liquid Tadalafil should not be used simultaneously with alpha-blockers such as Tamsulosin to avoid causing a drop in blood pressure. Other alpha-blockers include prazosin hydrochloride (Minipress), doxazosin mesylate (Cardura), and terazosin hydrochloride (Hytrin) [4].

In addition, one should avoid using recreational pills when taking this medication. It is uncertain if liquid Tadalafil interacts with alcohol. However, it is advisable to stay away from it when using this ED treatment. Grapefruits and grapefruit juice also interact with tadalafil in a negative way. They can raise the levels of tadalafil in the blood and thus, increase the risks of side effects.

What Are the Dangers of Taking Liquid Tadalafil?

Like every other medication, liquid Tadalafil comes with certain side effects. However, this isn’t a cause for alarm as most of its negative reactions are mild and subside shortly with no required medical attention. Here are some side effects that may be experienced when using liquid Tadalafil [3]:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • indigestion;
  • diarrhea;
  • stomach discomfort/upset;
  • dizziness;
  • flushing;
  • stuffy nose.

It is important to note that the above list is by no means exhaustive and these adverse reactions are not experienced by all users. In cases where they persist, kindly visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Consult the healthcare professional immediately if you experience blurred vision, confusion, chills, painful erection, slow or fast heartbeat, vomiting or pounding in the ears.


🏆 Why Is Liquid Tadalafil So Popular?

The popularity of this drug can be linked to the fact that it is cheap, easier to absorb and comes with minimal side effects. For people who find it difficult to swallow pills, this medication is a great alternative. What’s more, the majority of liquid Tadalafil reviews made by its users have been positive. This has helped boost its popularity.

⌛️ How Long Does Liquid Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) Last?

The effects of liquid Tadalafil can be felt for up to 36 hours. This long-lasting feature makes it highly effective and a favorite among users of ED medications.

💸 How Much Does Liquid Tadalafil Cost?

Compared to the brand name ED medications, liquid Tadalafil is quite cheap. However, the price may vary depending on where it is purchased.

🛒 Where to Buy Liquid Tadalafil (Generic Cialis)?

Liquid Tadalafil can be bought online or from a walk-in drugstore. However, e-pharmacies are better as they do not typically require a prescription before selling to you. Keep in mind though, that not all online stores are legit. You can get regular generic Cialis from reputable online vendors like ViaBestBuys, CialisBit, PureRxPills or HighStreetPharma. Liquid Tadalafil is not yet very popular, so less trustworthy providers have it for sale.


In essence, liquid Tadalafil is thought to be a safe and effective medication for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The majority of its users have given it a thumbs up in terms of its effectiveness and ease of use. Still wondering if it’s better than generic Cialis in the form of pills? You can try it out and compare, but be mindful of the place you source the meds from. And don’t forget to consult with your doctor first, to choose the right dosage.


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