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Where to Buy Liquid Tadalafil in the USA in 2023

There is a high percentage of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) globally including the USA.

For most Americans, visiting a doctor to consult about this sexual problem is recommended. However, with or without a prescription, it’s easy to get genuine, quality, and approved ED meds such as liquid Tadalafil, Cialis, Viagra, and more from online vendors.

Buy Liquid Tadalafil in the USA

Why is there interest in liquid Tadalafil in the USA? Well, this is in-depth coverage of its uses and benefits, legality, how & where to order genuine pills from the best, legit, and reliable e-pharmacy. Let’s get started!

What Exactly Is Liquid Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is an active substance used in Cialis. In fact, tadalafil is an ED med that you should definitely consider as a potent remedy for erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it’s also used treatment for pulmonary hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

As is common to most people, brand-name Cialis comes in the form of tablets (almond-shaped), which may be white, yellowish, or orange in color depending on their strengths, and oral jelly. The latter is half-liquid-half-solid – a soft product that easily dissolves in your mouth when taken but is not drinkable.

However, with the introduction of generics, you are not limited to tablets only. Tadalafil is also available in a liquid form – now known as liquid Tadalafil.

The dosage of this drug should not be confused. It should be noted that 1 ml of liquid Tadalafil contains 30 mg of the active ingredient. For safe medication, men are advised to start the liquid form of the drug at a dose of 0.1 to 0.2 ml daily.

Liquid Tadalafil

This medication can be taken half an hour before intercourse. It should be first allowed to dissolve in the mouth for a short period before it is swallowed. Doing so increases its tadalafil absorption and shortens the onset of action.

However, it’s recommended to visit a medical specialist to assess your health and see if you are eligible to use this medication. Your health is paramount and adhering to the doctors’ advice is recommended.

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Main Profit from This Medication

Tadalafil is an approved male impotence drug best for its high efficacy and tolerability. However, its liquid form has not been yet extensively studied. Most men using this drug have given a thumbs up due to the profit it offers. Have you tried it? If not, here are some of its advantages that manufacturers claim it possesses:

  • It’s easy to swallow. What if you can’t swallow tabs but want your sex life to be spiced up? This is where this medicine form comes in handy.
  • Liquid Tadalafil gets absorbed faster. Its effect is experienced sooner after swallowing because liquid medications get absorbed into the blood flow more easily, unlike the tablet or solid form, which needs to be broken down and dissolved in gastric juice before absorption. You can expect to experience a hard penile erection in just about 15 to 30 minutes after taking it.
  • It’s cheap, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good erection with the brand-name meds. Due to many manufacturers and vendors of the generic ED medication, the higher competition keeps the prices down. But, don’t be mistaken. Rushing for online suppliers that offer a cheap medication without scrutinizing how they source their products may be associated with fake counterfeited liquid Tadalafil and other drugs that might be harmful to your health. We’ll cover this in detail in the section dedicated to the best vendors below.
  • This ED med is thought to be much friendlier to the stomach compared to tablets. Some negative effects that might come with the use of the pills are less likely to be experienced with liquid. However, if they exist, they should be milder.

Have you tried this medication? If you have, leave a comment about your experience.

Legality of Liquid Tadalafil in the USA

Generic Cialis containing tadalafil has already hit the US pharmacies due to the patent expiry of the brand-name version – Cialis. How about liquid Tadalafil?

FDA has not approved all generic tadalafil manufacturers to market their products in the USA. Thus, the liquid form of this drug has not been approved. In this regard, caution should be exercised [1].

This doesn’t mean that this drug is illegal and dangerous. Patent expiry takes time, and the liquid Tadalafil manufacturer will get approval after the patent expiry of the brand version drug.

For most people living in the U.S., this drug is safe and well-tolerated if it’s manufactured by a legal pharmaceutical company that adheres to the product safety, dosage forms, quality, and accurate dose ingredients.

What Do You Need to Buy It in Local Pharmacies?

Unlike most countries where you can get some medication over the counter, in the USA, it’s necessary to have a valid prescription before administering any medicine.

Doctor's Prescription

Medical specialists do not prescribe ED meds to patients without first assessing their health to see if they are eligible to use the right medication. ED drugs interact with other meds you might be using or with the diseases or other health conditions you might be having.

However, some men may find it challenging to keep going to a local pharmacy every time they need a refill of this medication. Talks about impotence cannot be fully expressed by the patient. But, for safe medication and to achieve quality treatment, talking with a doctor is necessary.

Apart from local pharmacies that require that you get a prescription to give you liquid Tadalafil in the USA, you can get it from online suppliers without a prescription.

Liquid Tadalafil in the US: Where to Get?

USA residents may not get this drug in their local drugstores. However, various e-pharmacies help connect pharmaceutical manufacturers to clients who need their products.

It is very important for us to recommend only highly secure and reliable vendors, however, most of those stores we trust don’t sell tadalafil in liquid form. Please check out the following e-pharmacies, that have other forms of tadalafil and more ED medications available for sale.


ViaBestBuys is one of the best ED drug vendors that offer its products at an extremely low cost. This is a legit and trusted e-pharmacy having a high rating from its genuine buyers, that strives to satisfy its clients with customer-tailored price-reducing experiences.

Shipping from this drugstore to the USA is guaranteed with its delivery time of 7-10 business days. It ships to most parts of the world except a few countries, not more than 10, listed on its website. Still, its packaging is discreet as it cares much about your privacy and security. For orders above $130, buyers get free standard shipping, and $180 – free EMS delivery.

The shopping process is secured with an SSL certificate. Its payment options include PayPal, Credit Card, bitcoin (where it gives a 25% discount for checking out with this option).


This is yet another legit and reliable e-pharmacy selling only quality products sourced from approved manufacturers.

CialisBit does its business with the goal of providing quality pharmaceuticals at an extremely low cost. This e-pharmacy operates just like ViaBestBuys, satisfying its clients with cheap tadalafil and other ED drugs. Moreover, it makes it possible to cut the cost of this product with the use of the coupon and discounts, including a 25% discount for checking out using bitcoin. However, if you don’t use crypto, there are other payment options available, like PayPal or Credit Cards. The payment process is completely secure.

Shipping is guaranteed to the U.S. and several other parts of the world except for a few listed destinations. Delivery to the USA takes 7-10 business days, and the more tabs you order from this drugstore, the more money you save.

Get Liquid Tadalafil Online


This trusted and highly reviewed online ED drug vendor is in business offering patients quality and approved meds sourced from reliable manufacturers and priced at a favorable cost. Its range of other medicines it offers include treatments for a number of health conditions such as hair loss, diabetes, HIV, cancer, weight loss, and more.

HighStreetPharma accepts gift cards and cryptocurrency as payments, as it cares a lot about customer privacy. It uses plain and discreet looking packaging without any branding or labels.

It ships its ED meds and other pharmaceuticals globally including the U.S. except some other countries listed on its website. Like with the aforementioned drugstores, shipping to the USA is fast. Its delivery options include:

  • Airmail (takes 14-21 days);
  • EMS (takes 7-14 days).

What’s more? It also offers free Airmail shipping for ED meds including generic tadalafil for orders above $150.


Talking about the legit vendor that’s trusted for quality ED meds it offers does not evade the PureRxPills pharmaceutical referral service.

It braces itself as one of the highly rated e-pharmacies of ED and other meds among top-10 online drugstores, having nearly 5,000 positive reviews from its customers.

Tadalafil is available for sale from this seller. Ordering this product and having it delivered to the U.S don’t require a prescription. Like the three aforementioned e-pharmacies, it provides pharmaceuticals sold on a prescription-free basis.

Moreover, the customer shopping experience is convenient and secure with an SSL-encryption, with the payment options being Visa and Mastercard. Delivery to the USA is fast, and most of its orders are eligible for free worldwide shipping using Registered Airmail.


Frequently Asked Questions

🏆 Why Is Liquid Tadalafil So Popular in the USA?

As it contains the highly effective and well-tolerated active substance – tadalafil, its formulation as the liquid makes it easy to swallow and fastens its onset of action compared to oral tablets. It’s safe and easily ingested into the blood vessels for optimal effects that last for up to 36 hours.

🇺🇸 Are Liquid Tadalafil Drugs Under the Law in the US?

The status of this med is still questionable. However, this does not mean it’s illegal to use or prescribe. The FDA approval takes time, so it’s up to the doctors and patients themselves to understand the need for quality, safe, and potent drugs. They should adhere to the right dosage formulation and other precautions.

💸 Price for Liquid Tadalafil in the USA

Unlike brand-name tadalafil meds such as Cialis, the price of this drug in the USA is lower compared to its other counterparts containing the same active substance. One should, however, pay attention to the legitimacy and reliability of the vendor. That’s why we recommend buying alternative ED meds, from trustworthy sources like ViaBestBuys or CialisBit, which sell their products at the manufacturing cost.

🛒 Best Places to Purchase Liquid Tadalafil in the US OTC

Counterfeit meds are common in the online realms. They are sold from some illegal drugstores, which offer dangerous pharmaceuticals claiming to be generic Cialis or liquid Tadalafil [2]. Do not get your meds from an unknown vendor. Stay safe and get quality drugs from ViaBestBuys, CialisBit, HighStreetPharma or PureRxPills that source their products from legit, trusted, and approved manufacturers. The same vendors offer their meds without a prescription and shipped to the USA with their available ultra-fast delivery methods.


What’s more to be said? Liquid Tadalafil has lots of benefits when taking as an ED remedy. Although it works like other potent impotence meds, its mode of administration is safe and efficient, it hasn’t been yet approved by the FDA.

We have covered the best online vendors to get approved ED medication, so you won’t fall victim to scam. With your safety and convenience as a priority, all the above e-pharmacies ship to the USA. These trusted, legit vendors of various meds source and offer only approved, genuine, and high-quality generic drugs. Which drugstore do you prefer?


  1. FDA In Brief: FDA warns company illegally selling e-liquid products intended for vaping that contain unapproved drugs for erectile dysfunction, weight loss and falsely claim to be FDA-approved. Published: October 11, 2018. Fda.gov.
  2. Counterfeit Versions of Cialis tablets identified entering the United States. Published: 01/21/2015. Fda.gov.

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