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Do Olive Oil and Lemon Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most standard forms of male sexual dysfunction, impacting an estimated 30 million men in the USA alone [1]. If you’ve peeked into remedies for ED, you may be familiar with meds such as sildenafil (the active component in Viagra®) & tadalafil (Cialis®), which both work by heightening blood flow to the penis. You may have also come across natural remedies for impotence, comprising the mix of olive oil & lemon juice. While some research proposes that olive oil may offer benefits for cardiovascular health, there isn’t any high-quality scientific investigation to propose that consuming olive oil & lemon juice for ED is an excellent idea or that it has any effect at all on your desired sexual performance.

Do Olive Oil and Lemon Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Below, we’ve explained what ED is + the factors that can either induce or contribute to ED. The guide also busted a few typical myths & medical misconceptions about the effects that olive oil & lemon juice can have on your erections & sexual function. Eventually, you’ll get to know some evidence-based therapies that you may desire to consider if you’re dealing with impotence.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Before we get into the specifics of olive oil & lemon juice for ED, let’s promptly go over the fundamentals of what ED truly is + the aspects that can induce it to develop.

Many individuals believe ED is when you can’t get an erection at all. In actuality, erectile dysfunction is a complicated condition that can range enormously in severity, from mild & temporary to a more severe, lifelong issue.

If you have impotence, you might be capable to obtain an erection but not holding it for long enough to have a pleasurable sexual act with your partner. Alternatively, you might discover it somewhat uncomplicated to obtain an erection sometimes, but not every time you desire to engage in sexual activity.

A combination of physical & psychological health problems can either induce or donate to ED. Indeed, common physical causalities of ED comprise heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), and injuries & diseases that influence the nerves around the penis.

Certainly, some meds, including tranquilizers, antiandrogens, antidepressants, & meds for controlling high blood pressure, may contribute to ED. Besides, certain habits can also contribute to impotence. Your risk of ED is higher, for instance, if you smoke, administer illegal drugs, live a sedentary lifestyle, drink disproportionate amounts of booze, or are overweight.

Finally, ED can also have psychological reasons, including chronic stress, depression, feelings of remorse about having sex, or even sexual performance anxiety.

Do Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Work for ED in Men?

Certainly, olives are low in calories & are heart-healthy fat. They are one of nature’s “smart drugs,” which undoubtedly aid augment cognitive function, brain health, & memory. It also aids the skin to stay soft & healthy since they contain other antioxidants, vitamin E, & vitamin A. Besides, it helps regulate appetite control & has anti-cancer properties.

Olive Oil and Lemon

Presently, there is no scientific proof indicating that olive oil & lemon juice function as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Nonetheless, both of these foods are suitable for general health & well-being, & consuming them may indeed aid to lessen the peril of developing medical illnesses that can contribute to impotence.

The idea of eating a Mediterranean diet can help keep the blood vessels healthy & undoubtedly lessen men’s peril of acquiring cardiovascular conditions. This isn’t a contentious theory. Indeed, assessments of existing analysis tend to deduce that we have large, strong, & consistent proof that eating a Mediterranean diet is linked with more suitable cardiovascular health outcomes [2]. Impressively, this diet frequently comprises lots of — you guessed it — lemons or lemon juice & olive oil.

Nonetheless, like with many nuanced & complex science-affiliated topics, study conclusions don’t always make for exhilarating headlines. Considerable news outlets, based on their perspective, whether they just misinterpreted the research or they just desired to jazz up the truths, have certainly run stories with headlines that hyped up olive oil as a miracle remedy for ED.

For instance, the Independent, a UK newspaper, posted a story with the headline “Olive Oil ‘Better Than Viagra’ at Slashing Impotence” in August 2018 [6]. Besides, a day later, the Huffington Post posted an article with the headline “Olive Oil May Be Better Than Viagra At Improving Your Sex Life, Greek Scientists Say [7].”

Certainly, these articles aren’t comprehensively wrong, but the way they exemplify the proof isn’t entirely accurate. While it’s valid that the Mediterranean diet can superbly lessen the hazard of creating heart illness, there isn’t any proof that olive oil is entirely “better than Viagra” as a therapy for impotence.

Undoubtedly, olive oil & Viagra are extremely distinct substances. Olive oil is a liquid fat that, when utilized in a balanced diet, may indeed contribute to healthier blood vessels. Indeed, it isn’t a med that you can administer before sex for more suitable penile erections — rather, its influences on your health are certainly preventative.

Viagra & related ED meds such as Levitra, on the other hand, are used especially to augment blood flow to the penis & ultimately therapy erectile dysfunction. They’re confirmed, thoroughly-tested meds used as required to prevent ED from affecting your sexual performance during intercourse.

That’s the point. But the comparison isn’t truthfully fair. Nonetheless, the general direction of the research findings is fairly authentic, in the understanding that keeping a Mediterranean diet that comprises olive oil may support to decrease the threat of developing heart illness, which is a major benefactor to impotence.

This lessening in cardiovascular peril might indeed enhance individual sexual capability — a hypothesis that’s truly backed up by scientific research.

Indeed, a study broadcasted in the European Heart Journal in 2021 discovered that hypertensive men undergo advancements in erectile performance, exercise tolerance, & testosterone levels when they remarkably adhere to a Mediterranean diet [3].

It’s indeed paramount to note that in addition to olive oil, the Mediterranean diet is expressly built around plant-based meals with moderate portions of lean meat, seafood, & poultry [4]. It also concentrates on simple seasoning, without rich gravies or sauces, & stresses bypassing or limiting the intake of red meats, eggs, butter, & sugar-rich foods. Furthermore, it’s a substantial obligation that may produce discernible benefits for your health & ultimately well-being, but there’s more to it than simply cooking with olive oil.

Mediterranean diet is good for supporting the blood vessels to be healthy & lowers the hazard of metabolic syndromes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, & central obesity. It remarkably offers men a long-term resolution without administering any medication such as Cialis or Viagra. This diet keeps the blood vessels healthy.

What Is the Best Treatment to Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Good Erection

Instead of relying on olive oil and lemon for erectile dysfunction, you’ll get the most useful results by adhering to evidence-based, proven therapies. At the moment, the FDA has endorsed several oral meds for ED, all of which belong to a class of meds known as PDE5 inhibitors. Remarkably, these meds include:

  • sildenafil citrate, which is the active component in Viagra® & its generic brands;
  • tadalafil, which is the active component in Cialis® & its generic versions;
  • vardenafil, the active ingredient in Levitra®;
  • avanafil, which is presently available as the brand-name med Stendra®.

Certainly, the PDE5 inhibitors function by augmenting blood flow to the erectile tissue inside the penis. This activity makes it more comfortable to obtain & stay hard when sexually aroused. Most ED meds can be popped 15 to 60 minutes before planning to have intercourse, making them comfortable to use as needed.

In addition to using FDA-approved medication, making simple changes to your habits + lifestyle may lessen the peril of experiencing long-term ED. Make it a mandatory habit to:

  • quit smoking & limit alcohol consumption: This habit can contribute to a heart condition, which is a significant perilous factor for ED. Excessive booze use is linked with several forms of sexual dysfunction, including ED (whiskey dick) & also premature ejaculation [5];
  • stay physically active: Indeed, regular physical activity can augment heart health, blood flow, & general quality of life. Endeavor to get at least 30 to 40 minutes of exercise a day, whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, or even a workout in the gym;
  • consume a healthy diet: Aside from the Mediterranean diet, try to follow a healthy diet that remarkably prioritizes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, & lean meats over salt & saturated fats;
  • bypass recreational drugs: It can lessen arousal & sensation, which may avert you from acquiring an erection.

Conclusively, Viagra & other ED meds don’t enhance something long-term. It can ONLY offer some short effect to have sufficient sexual capacity.


Although olive oil & lemon works wonders in enhancing erectile dysfunction, it’s deemed more of a preventive remedy than a therapy one. Consequently, if you’ve been experiencing regular episodes of impotence, pursuing medical advice is indeed a MUST. You can persist in mixing olive oil+lemon along with proper medical therapy. Doing so will ultimately aid you to say adieu to erectile issues quickly, & you can then lead a more joyful & remarkably healthier life.


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